Gunpoint Review

In the gritty rain-filled streets of the gaming industry, I find a gem of a game among the piles of filth we see nowadays.

Genre: Stealth Platformer
Release Date: June 3rd, 2013
Developer & Publisher: Suspicious Developments Ltd
Rating: T(?)
Retail price: $10~$30

 8 thoughts on “Gunpoint Review
  1. Aeiou on said:

    Eh i didn’t think the game was all that special, nice distraction but that’s it.

    Solid review buddy.

  2. You sound so over-hyped about everything, and so dismissive of any faults of the game, that it’s hard to trust the objectivity of your analysis. Might just be your voice though.

    • Jack Ragasa on said:

      Perhaps, I just felt that the flaws don’t undermine the experience much hence why I probably sounded dismissive. The flaws aren’t as bad as the stuff some modern games have.

      • Rickie on said:

        I’m going to second this. While I think it’s great that you like the game so much, the purpose of a review is to inform the consumer. I would have liked to have heard a little bit more about the flaws, even if they don’t hinder the game that much. I would hate to buy a game and then realize that the review I based my buy off of failed to cover the flaws in enough detail.

  3. Anonymous on said:

    Frankly i don’t see how you can be so bad at a game this trivially difficult, I wasn’t even aware that you could get less than an A+ until I tried doing a “How Not to Play Hitman”-esque runthrough. And getting perfect ninja, ghost, gentleman, rating was rarely a challenge. Honestly i don’t think i can justify paying $10 for a game this short. Still greatly fun though.

  4. nevers on said:

    I thought the review was great. I had heard a discussion on the game, but this is my first time really seeing the game play. I may need to pick this up. Thanks!
    p.s. A game that may interest you is The Swapper

    • Jack Ragasa on said:

      Yeah I was looking at that but it seemed a tad overpriced. Hopefully it’ll be reduced if steam sales ever drop.

      • Aeiou on said:


        You say that as if there’s a chance it won’t happen, this is the glorious world of steam sales we live in!

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