Gather Your Podcast Episode 38



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On this week’s Gather Your Podcast – Kyle, Mike, Aaron, and Jack discuss: SteamOS, Steam Machine, Steam Controller, Kickstarter project Clang runs out of money, media blaming video games for violence, Xbox One will stream 360 games and won’t have indie games for a year.

 27 thoughts on “Gather Your Podcast Episode 38
  1. did someone say production value?


  3. Mein gott it’s back

  4. I feel like the guy in that first StarCraft 2 trailer…

    “It’s about time.”

  5. Kyle Johnson on said:

    Coming up next: Dead Space 3 Review – Totally Not Irrelevant Now Edition

  6. This better be a fucking regular thing. Hate having to be disappointed every time I’m on the site and no new podcast.

  7. Grizzly Magnum on said:

    Um I sent you my review of wonderful 101 and i am hoping you send me a reply.

  8. Cicero on said:

    kept us waiting, huh?

  9. キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

  10. Complete Bullshit on said:

    Yes finally

    There are only so many videogame podcasts out there that don’t make me die of boredom/dispair/secondhand embarrassment

  11. Hippodome on said:

    just when i was going to stop coming here…

  12. Yalyn V. on said:

    The party is back.


  13. It’s great to hear the podcast again.

    It’s been such long time, it’s as if you don’t get paid to do this shit or something.

    • Kyle Johnson on said:

      We were too busy bathing in our $3.3 million this summer to do any recordings. All that shifting paper makes for bad background noise.

  14. rinslime on said:

    Hey guys. Just a quick thought here. Have any of you heard of the early access steam greenlight game called Damned? A multiplayer horror game where 4 players are humans who have to find the right keys for the right doors and ultimately escape a mansion, and one monster player has to kill them before they do so. Their only defense is playing smart, being careful and when in danger, outmaneuvering and hiding from the monster.

    It’s still in alpha, but I got it recently and this seems like the kind of game someone on GYP might enjoy writing an article about

    Just thought I’d put the idea out there.

    • Amer Hmaidan on said:

      Sounds similar to Hidden, which was a source mod. I think there are a few other games with similar concepts as well.

      Still, I’ll look at it. I don’t really like the idea of reporting on alpha stuff since it’s technically not a finished project, but seeing how the developers handle feedback is useful when it comes to reviewing a full product.

  15. Jake Booth on said:

    Glad to see I got a single sentence in.

  16. EdgeWeiss on said:

    I would have loved to see you guys talk more about the SteamBox and SteamOS. Specifically, about the hurdles that Steam would have to overcome in regards to marketing this system towards people who favor consoles.

    Also Xbox 360 uses PowerPC architecture, not x86.

  17. nevers on said:

    I am very happy to see another podcast guys. Cheers!

  18. you didn’t discuss WLAN when talking about latency.
    most people can’t or are not willing to drill holes into their walls for their TV to get LAN.

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