Gentlemen Discussing Vidya


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A spectacular reboot special – the gentlemen discuss next generation woes, EVO, the Steam summer sale, Phil Fish, Super Mario Land 2, and hole diggin’. Plus, Happyman recieves a Deadly Premonition… fanfiction.

  • 3:56 – Opening
  • 5:41 – News
    1. References to borrowing\lending games found in steam data
    2. EA prices themselves out of the market
    3. Mark Cenry says PS4 will invigorate the indie scene
    4. Microsoft: shame on us for Xbone messaging
    5. Deus Ex: The Fall – you can’t fire on jailbroken devices
    6. EVO
    7. Earthbound on Virtual Console
    8. Steam summer sale discussion
    9. Game freak teases new game, turns out to be horse solitaire
    10. Phil Fish cancells Fez 2, smells own farts
  • 1:28:27 – Catsman’s Conundrum: worst game mechanic\feature?
  • 1:42:22 – The Top Vidya Picks
  • 1:51:54 – Book Club: Mario Land 2
  • 2:24:28 – What have you been playing?
  • 2:36:34 – Comments and any other business
  • 2:54:48 – Fanfiction (a possibly lethal hunch)
 34 thoughts on “Gentlemen Discussing Vidya
  1. This is the best thing

  2. serpen1 on said:

    We need a sanic racing game night. I really want to play with more then the 3 friends I know who bought the game.

  3. what happened to gather your podcast by the way? its ages since the last episode

  4. Happyman doing his best not to crack up reading the fanfic always makes me laugh out loud. It’s the best ending possible to the podcast.

  5. FunkyKong on said:

    Happyman your reading of that DP fanfiction is the highlight of my week,thanks.

  6. The kids from FE:A come from Alternate worlds were the you and most of the adults die.

    Also your kids are potentially the strongest units in the games, so you fucked up by letting them die.

    I want a gyp podcast too. ;_;

    • Happyman on said:

      that’s even dumber somehow

      also i played on normal so it doesnt matter

      • Well time travel is a pretty hard to write about but it does make sense.

        If you back in time and try to change the past more than likely your past will stay the same and you end up creating different universes. They are the results of a bad ending where the evil Dragon wins.

  7. stop calling games “vidya”

    • Rob Welch on said:

      LOL i dont even know what a vidya is, in just say it because it’s cool on the internet

      • Man, that’s so epic!

        You guis are my favourite vidya people ;)

        • Rob Welch on said:

          Wow. Epic. Epic for the win. I tip my Fedora to you, sir, for you are a gentlemen and a scholar. Faith in humanity = restored. One internet for you. 9/10 would read this comment again. Right in the feels. How very brave of you. You absolutely nailed it. My sides are going into orbit. I shed manly tears at this, sir. You magnificent bastard, you. I fucking lost it. I’ll just leave this comment here.

          EDIT: Seriously, TOP FUCKING LEL/

  8. Sanic Racing Transformers is litterally the only game that made me so mad to the point of semi-consciously beating my own ballsack with my Xbox controller at a speed that exceeds the limits of self-arming-mental-barriers.
    Fuck that Burning Rangers track!

    As for the cunundrum,

    • Woops fucked up

      As for the conundrum, I wish to ban all kinds of quest markers that tells you exactly how far and where to go! It litterally ruins the experience in every single case.

    • Rob Welch on said:

      lrn2drift scrub.
      Also I agree about quest markers, it seems like a vey lazy way of telling the player what they need to do.

  9. rinslime on said:

    What is the other 1% that Gentlemen Discussing Vidya is made out of?

    • Rob Welch on said:

      Water, Rusk (Wheat Flour), Wheat Gluten, Wheat Starch, Dextrose, Salt, Breadcrumbs (Wheat Flour, Salt, Yeast), Spices (Ginger, Nutmeg, Mace, Children’s Tears, White Pepper), Stabilisers: Diphosphates; Preservative: Sodium Sulphite; Yeast Extract, Potassium, Sage Extract, Antioxidant: Ascorbic Acid.

  10. So where’s the link to that map? I wanted to see it.

  11. Sex Beast Eugene on said:

    What’s your Twitter, Robert?

  12. Ahriman on said:

    Jesus, that Deadly Prem Fan-fic was weird. Expertly timed too as I’ve just started playing it. Have to say, Fan-Fic quality writing aside it kinda fit with the actual scripting of the game. I wonder if Swery has a account.

    On the subject of Bad Game Mechanics I have two-regening health (because it really ruined the FPS genre) and Shitty QTE final bosses. Two offenders that pissed me off in particular were the 2008 Splatterhouse re-make and Space Marine. I enjoyed both games a tonne, only for that last fight to fall flat on it’s ass.

  13. Dushanan on said:

    rip Cameron. rip K-Smooth.

    The new Sonic racing is really, really good. Especially compared to Mario Kart 7, which just makes me want to throw my 3DS (which I almost did while playing it).

    Fuck unskippable cutscenes, they need to go. They really suck if you screw up a section of a game and need to replay it. And they also suck in Half Life 2. The novelty of the cutscenes that aren’t really cutscenes wears off fast.

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