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Welcome to Gather Your Perspective where Eric, Mark and Jake bring a radio show style discussion to what’s happening in the gaming world. For our first episode, we talk about the increasingly likely video game crash on the horizon, what’s caused it, and toss around some ideas on what might happen.

Let us know where you’d like to see this series go, or if you have any ideas for future episodes.

 33 thoughts on “Gather Your Perspective – Episode 1
  1. Missu on said:

    More podcasts…

    Excellent, you only need them on iTunes and I will be truly happy.

  2. Rabban Gamliel on said:

    I like this podcast. It makes it so that you can still talk about the sensationalist stuff without dragging out the usual podcast, which is more dedicated to games.

  3. Does this mean that Gather Your Podcast will now be exclusively about games?

    • Mark Ceb on said:

      GYPodcast is about games and news in a more casual way and more likely to have silly banter. GYPerspective is focused discussion on recent events with the purpose of trying to get some understanding of what happened. If possible we try to find staff who might have different views on an issue.

      • Alright, sounds like a good idea.
        Though GYP always had the problem of featuring two “casual” podcasts (GYpodcast and Gentlemen Discussing Vidya; and yes i know that GDV is technically not GYP).

        It’s not that I’m complaining its just that maybe a bit of stronger differentiation might be a good thing now with 3 podcasts on the site.

  4. One of the reasons Publisher expectations are so high is because they put so much money into the games that they need a huge return to make a profit.

    Like, with Tomb Raider I think they spent 100 million on developing the game, then spent the exact same amount on marketing. And of course theirs TOR which they spent like 300 to 500 million and looked how that turned out.

    If they stopped trying to go after the big markets and lowered their budgets they wouldn’t be having this problem.

  5. Another podcast? Featuring Markbot? About vidya gaems? Specifically complex issues that are too large to be discussed on the other podcasts without derailing the entire thing?

    It’s obviously Christmas in April.

    You guys get a bit awkward when you spend more than a minute or two talking about the same point. Eventually the point you’re trying to make gets lost in trying to make a coherent spoken on-the-fly paragraph. Everyone has it and it’s a big issue with impromptu public speaking, so just try to balance overarching points with points that can be made within a minute of spoken elaboration.

    Otherwise it was quite informative and a nice coverage of the current gaming industry situation. I didn’t even know of developers hopping onto a MOBA bandwagon. It seems a bit hilarious that they’re doing so since MOBAs are such a niche game genre that’s already saturated. Just another sign that barely any publishers have their fingers on the pulse of the gaming audience.

    • Mark Ceb on said:

      “You guys get a bit awkward when you spend more than a minute or two talking about the same point.” Good feedback. Maybe we’ll see what we can do about structuring the dialogs more. Can you give a little more detail on what you mean by awkward though?

      • I mean awkward in the sense that you guys tend to ramble on and lose track of the point you’re making about a minute into any single statement you’re trying to make. If you transcripted the podcast, generally you’d find that after a paragraph of constant speaking by one person, that one person starts to be awkward as hell since they’ve lost track of what point it is they’re trying to make.

  6. Plexl on said:

    I think you guys might be a bit paranoid if you think the games industry is going to crash fully.

    • Amer Hmaidan on said:

      Fully? Probably not. But we’re seeing lots of long running companies going bankrupt, and lots of similarities to the last crash such as oversaturation of the market and no real quality control. With the last crash the PC market and indie scene was untouched, and I expect the same to happen.

  7. ANGRYWASP on said:

    I would argue that the crash started in 2010 with the bubble bursting on MMO market, suddenly a sure fire way of making money wasn’t there any more and the companies have gone to other methods to attempt to make up the slack.

  8. hollowgrounds on said:

    I think you should talk about the current state of video game journalism since it directly ties into some of the points raise in the podcast. Plus, I’d love to hear your take on it.

  9. ANGRYWASP on said:

    “I think you should talk about the current state of video game journalism since it directly ties into some of the points raise in the podcast. Plus, I’d love to hear your take on it.”

    You know one can find another parallel with the 80s crash and video gaming journalism. Video game journalism emerged partially as a result of the crash, because the huge number of games being made, and no real publications to turn to, their needed to be some resource to turn to so people would know if a game was good or not. Well now people can’t trust the major game reviewers because they are all publicity houses.

  10. Shieet on said:

    I only visit GYP for podcasts so yes, more podcasts please.

  11. With DXHR and the new Thief mentioned, I thought touching on their past would be relevant. I’m talking about Deus-Ex-without-a-number-Invisible-War and Thief-without-a-number-the-Deadly-Shadows. Both were among the first multiplatform games, both pissed loyal fanbases off, both ruined franchises for a decade. At the time, ‘streamlining’ was the word devs were throwing around, and afterwards Warren Spector even released a post-mortem defending all the stupid decisions instead of apologising for them.

    So yeah, stripping games of all their meaning and stuffing them full of alien concepts isn’t new. In fact, it’s more ‘mild’ now compared to what Doom3/Quake4 did (not saying those were entirely bad games). And it didn’t lead to any crash before, despite numerous failed trends and despite the super long line of WW2/Vietnam shooters at the time. Some companies won’t survive moving to even less cost-efficient production for next-gen, but overall I don’t see any sudden drastic changes coming.

  12. On the podcast format.
    Listening to it again now, I think this podcast would benefit from having a devil’s advocate. In GYPodcast I feel like Kyle often acts as a moderating force, and guys from GDV don’t try to present their views as anything other than opinions. Here, though, in a more focused discussion, the opposing views need to be represented too. Right now, having ‘perspective’ in the name seems ironic.
    Basically, I feel someone has to counter Mark’s somewhat naive rants, heh.

    • Mark Ceb on said:

      “Basically, I feel someone has to counter Mark’s somewhat naive rants, heh.” Ouch. I like to think I’m as informed as Jake or Eric is. Specially since we prep topics before hand so people can get an idea what to say. I usually just go into the GYPodcast half blind so there’s a more apparent reason for Kyle to share exposition.

      As I said though I think we figured out something to keep things more focused.

      • Well, no offense, but sometimes I get the feeling that your thoughts get a little clouded by emotions or something. With this one it was the thing about publishers making more DLC to recoup for failed games’ sales (it’s the other way around: just look at the recent Rage news). Also something about Microsoft ‘monetizing the FPS genre’ not too long ago.

        Oh and don’t take everything I say literally, I’m not a native speaker.

  13. nevers on said:

    Hey guys, I just got done listening. Gotta say great work, I’m really excited about this cast. I don’t have anything to add that wasn’t said above me.

    The MOBA flood idea seems ill fated to me. As someone with hundreds of hour in League of Legends. I don’t really see myself as a potential customer to any other MOBA. LoL is the game that my network of friends play, I’ve invested a decent amount of my disposable income into the game. I’m happy with the game… why would I play any other MOBA? The market is already saturated, let it be.

    • Riam Tilling on said:

      This seems to be the heart of the issue with the similar situation happening with shooters and MMOs: people will typically be dedicated to playing a single title (be it WoW, CoD, Battlefield, TF2, whatever), but publishers seem to think that creating a very similar game (but with X feature) will attract a given game’s playerbase. It hasn’t worked out to well. We see all these WoW clones, CoD clones, and the unifying factor is that none of them seem to be doing especially well.

  14. moela on said:

    You know what’s sad? That part where you list MOBAs and end with MNC? That’s like a list of “competetive” games that I wanted to get into. Broodwar, SC2, league, dota, I just want games to be good and hard.

    Well, at least now I know a crash is happening so I don’t feel so bad about not having fun with these games. No passion.

  15. moela on said:

    Also btw, “the industry” can go die, don’t save it. Artists should create art unbound by monetary issues. In the 80′s there was no kickstarter. Kickstarter is like venture capitalism without the return; sounds stupid but we all already pitched into many projects I’m sure.
    Let the industry die a painful death. Artists will survive. They’ll continue creating good games.

  16. Martius on said:

    Oh that was good podcast, but could be a bit longer.

  17. Ass-man on said:

    Nice podcast, fellas!

  18. nyph on said:

    I thought the MOBA discussion was interesting, but as a veteran of the WC3 custom maps era, I can honestly say I am incredibly unimpressed by the genre. I played DOTA as well as a bunch of other maps around that time and I recently got back into it. The sad thing is that LoL is probably the best of all of them. Anywho great podcast guys!

  19. Anon on said:

    We can’t save the industry and we shouldn’t. It’s rotten to the core and needs to be pulled up from the roots.


  20. Niger on said:

    The industry isn’t crashing, you’ve all been watching that clever noobs faggot?

  21. Wormwood on said:

    I’m late to the party, but I’d just like to say – great podcast! I enjoyed it very much and I agree with pretty much everything you guys said. In the way of general criticism I’d say the podcast could do with a bit of editing – there were some bits of people talking over each other or just thinking out loud (“em…er… hmm…”). Other than that, good job!

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