8 thoughts on “New Clear Relative Videogame joke time: Funny videogame joke!
  1. Kevin on said:


  2. BillDoors on said:


  3. Evilagram on said:

    I wish the art were better.

    Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff has more effort put in.

    • Julian Shackleford on said:

      Is that a good thing or not

      • BillDoors on said:

        It’s a style, I guess. If you’re going to be minimalist, though, at least make sure your jokes are funny. Observational humor is barely funny when the pros do it.

      • Evilagram on said:

        If you’re going to make a shitty on purpose comic you should put your all into making it as awful as possible. It should be so horrible it’s good, not just half-assed like this is.

        • Julian Shackleford on said:

          Thanks for the feedback Ill try something new now. Look forward to the newest comic (should be out monday or something)

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