6 thoughts on “Graphic Output – You’ve got Mail
  1. Is this a Fallout joke?

  2. Stirling Brown-Sweeting on said:

    It’s even weirder when you find some old lady with a sub-machine gun in her drawer.

    • Jon Daniel Stephenson on said:

      What do you mean? That’s when the game is at its narrative best. Some of my favorite parts of Fallout are justifying why certain items are where they are.

      • Stirling Brown-Sweeting on said:

        Like why a ruthless killer has a set of dressy summer clothes in his wardrobe, right next to the seven clipboards, an old glass, and a teddy bear?

        • Jon Daniel Stephenson on said:

          Obviously he or she likes to dress up in their best summer clothes while sipping some fresh toxic sludge with their companion Mr. Teddy as they review financial charts from Bang Bang Dead Inc.’s last fiscal quarter.

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