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Dark Souls 2 has just been announced at the 10th Spike VGAs.  I’ve never beaten Demon Souls or Dark Souls, but I know a lot of our readers have and can’t wait to die over and over, and over, again in From Software’s third entry into the world of darkness and souls.

While it’ll be coming out for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC there’s no solid (or even rough) release date yet announced.  Heading over to the game’s official site and entering your birth date leads to nothing more than what I’ve already told you and a picture of a pendant–seen below.

To read up a bit more on this from a serious fan of the series I recommend checking out Erik Kain’s blurb over at Forbes here.


 29 thoughts on “Dark Souls 2 Announced
  1. All my money.

  2. Bigbread on said:

    The PC link on the site takes you to the GFWL page. Gosh darn it.

  3. That’s pretty worrying, in my opinion. I have no doubt it will be a solid game, but I just hope it’s not as rushed as Dark Souls is and they do a good job of varying up the challenges/bosses.

    • Polite Timesplitter on said:

      In what ways was DaS rushed?
      I’ll admit I’m only just past Capra, but nothing seems to ‘jut out’ as being rough or unfinished. Would you mean, say, the sketchy online?

      • Brian N. on said:

        Dark Souls is a game with Act 3 trouble. They started running out of money when working on Act 3. It shows. I believe GYP’s own Cameron Rodgers summed it up thusly – the game falls apart after Anor Londo. Two areas use cheap gimmicks to ensure the player dies so often that one might not notice they are the shortest areas in the game. Further, one boss uses a similar gimmick to force players to gimp their loadouts to even fight it. These types of tricks are not seen elsewhere in the game and the rest of the world is very well designed.

  4. How about fixing the PC release? -_-

  5. Assuming it will be in the same universe, I’m interested to see where the game will be set. Prequel or sequel? And were those towers supposed to be remnants of Anor Londo?

  6. Marcus Puckett on said:

    “I personally am the sort of person who likes to be more direct than subtle,” he tells us. “[Dark Souls II] will be more straightforward and more understandable.” We sympathise if that sort of statement concerns you, but at the same time, we can surely agree that we would all like to see Dark Souls attain as great a presence as The Elder Scrolls.

    This worries me. It’s basically a prettier way of saying “We want CoD’s (Skyrim’s) audience.”

    • Hayden Eddings on said:


    • Evilagram on said:

      That quote is old and doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to castrate it. I hope they recognize that they will lose their audience if they do.

    • James Peacock on said:

      The inner fan of me wants to believe it is merely referring to minor explanation of some of the games mechanics and everything that made Dark Souls great would still be intact for the sequel.

      The Cynic in me worries that it may refer to casualization of mechanics to obtain the Elder Scrolls audience.

      One wonders how far this quote may be taken. It may just be a fancy way of saying they are putting in an easy mode, making the game more streamlined, or putting in optional quest guides. Either way, we will just have to see.

    • Marcus Puckett on said:

      A friend of mine made a good point on the quote I posted. The parts outside of the quotation marks are not from From Software, so they made no mention of wanting Skyrim (or the Elder Scrolls series). Either way, it’s still troubling to hear From say those things.

    • I'm on your side on said:

      Funny thing is that machinima called Far Cry 3 Skyrim with gunz so yeah people like to compare things with Skyrim.

      • Adam Gulledge on said:

        That was a huge red flag that they don’t know what they’re talking about; Far Cry 3 had the better characters, an actual sense of accomplishment, and a stealth/tracking system that made sense given the situation.

        I’m just waiting for Elder Scrolls VI: Civil Dawn or such to come out so I can remind folks, “You paid for a bugs-out-the-wazzo, wait to be fixed, watered down game last time. Think anything has changed in the last 5 years?”

    • madatom on said:

      “its like skyrim with artificial difficulty!”

  7. serpen1 on said:

    I was kinda hoping for armored core 6, a decent pc port would be awesome for a solid mech combat game.

    • Alexandru Crudu on said:

      I am sick and tired of hearing this “solid mech combat game” complaint being posted on various forums and/or imageboards. Have any of you fuckers ever tried the MechWarrior mod for Crysis Wars?
      Yeah it’s a bit rough around the edges, but it still is way better than MechWarrior Online.

      • serpen1 on said:

        Jesus, sorry I never looked into mods for games I don’t play, I’ll be sure to try harder to live up to your expectations before I post about how I want a game series I love to come on to my preferred platform.

  8. jvempire on said:

    I hope the darksouls2 website doesn’t change. I’m just watching it while I play holiday music and I’m mesmerized.

  9. I’m all for Dark Souls 2, but this time they won’t get a free pass from me for the PC version. You had your learning experience, From – now put it to practice.

  10. You could iterate the preview’s contents as From trying to get the Skyrim audience, or you could be optimistic and hope it turns out to be more like Shadow of the Colossus.

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