Ubisoft Responds To Critics Of Blacklist

I’m actually having a hard time believing that Ubisoft would say something like this, but here it is.

“Everyone can make kneejerk reactions to a vertical slice of the game that are really uninformed as to what the whole experience is like.”

“What people won’t say, but what they’ll dance around, is that is the price of freedom to protect Americans and their sedans and SUVs. If it makes you squeamish and uncomfortable, maybe that’s the point.”

This is part of a response from David Footman, Splinter Cell: Blacklist’s director. Of all the arrogant, shitty things to say in response to criticism of your game, calling your audience ignorant and uptight are probably the worst.

“We’ve gone from being a big game to a monster game. If you want to come out with a big Hollywood movie in the summer time, if you’re not a big blockbuster – you’re not going to get seen. It’s very competitive now, it takes out the whole middle ground. You really need to know what space you’re competing in. It’s deep and it’s broad.”

“We definitely know our roots, being stealth, realism, having Sam Fisher at the core of it. But like every branded franchise, it is evolving.”

Well I’m glad they realize that Sam Fisher is central to a Splinter Cell game being a Splinter Cell game, but they seem to have lost everything else. “Stealth” is in the game, “realism” as well, and I guess Sam Fisher is in the game. If you define stealth as walking around fights instead of walking through them, I suppose that would be stealth. Realism, though, that’s just not even close. Being able to see through walls, and dogs not instantly sniffing you out; there’s no realism in that. I can’t even walk up to most houses these days without the dogs going ballistic, and they’re dogs that I know. Overall this response is pathetic and offensive.

Ubisoft should be informing their audience, but instead they are blaming them for being ignorant when Ubisoft doesn’t inform them. It was their decision to ignore the core audience of the series and release a trailer that was all action and no stealth, and now they are blaming people for complaining about what they showed them.  Ubisoft then continues to shove their foots farther down their throats by using the excuse “this is a blockbuster game” and it’s important to ignore your core audience for the sake of the game (bottom line). It’s funny that they would say “it takes out the middle ground”, because everything they have released is exactly for the middle ground.

Also, trying to force a “might makes right” mentality doesn’t help your case. The video game industry as a whole really needs to learn how to do damage control properly. You don’t attack those criticizing you, especially when the criticisms are legitimate. You own up, like a mature adult, and improve your product. I was thinking about getting Splinter Cell for the PC but never mind. I’m done giving Ubisoft money.

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 18 thoughts on “Ubisoft Responds To Critics Of Blacklist
  1. Adam Gulledge on said:

    Seconded on this one, and barely much else needs saying.

    Aside from, “Screw you as well, Ubisoft. You’re not worth our money.”

  2. Wow, what an asshole.

  3. RevDoktorV on said:

    I’d just called off my boycott of Ubisoft because they recanted on their abusive DRM policy. Well, I won’t ever give them any custom again after this.

  4. version_7.0 on said:

    Ya gotta love how the guy was somehow trying to tie gameplay criticism to FREEDOM.

  5. Delio Pera on said:

    In other words… If you dislike Blacklist you hate freedom. Oh my.

  6. man a whole 5 sales lost from the game what a shame

    • Do you think the few people who comment here are the only ones who will be offended by these ridiculous statements? Not to mention the whole shitty gameplay thing.

      You sound like a 12 year old fanboy.

  7. AmericanAviator on said:

    Haha, that’s hilarious. I didn’t think Splinter Cell was even relevant anymore, after Chaos Theory at least. I still think the first was the best one and it sort of went down hill from there. But, damn, after CT? Just shit. Pure shit. Thanks, Ubisoft, for proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Blacklist is the same. Splinter Cell was good because it was a slow-paced and very tense sneaking game as opposed to the faster pace of the MGS series. The use of shadows and lighting added so much to it as well, putting the player in this very mischievous sort of mindset. It conjured up the same emotions you got when you snuck out with friends and did things your parents would not have approved of.

    Quit trying to turn Sam Fisher into fucking Solid Snake. I think I liked him better when he was just a brutish thug voiced by Michael Ironside for you to sneak around and knock people out as. Trying to turn Splinter Cell into a Tom Clancy branded MGS is to completely miss why it was great in the first place.

  8. It’s always the vocal minority that’s complaining, but the sales usually drop in millions. Do the math tards…

  9. Softshellcrab on said:

    It’s sad how he just outright confirmed that they only care about the money and the sales and not whether or not the game is good.

  10. angryburds4lyf YOLO on said:

    Guys lets be reasonable. there’s a whole new generation of 12 year olds that ubisoft has to please so they can take the 12 year olds parents’ money. Think about someone else for a change, and not just about the integrity of gaming. Selfish entitled gamers.

    • I can see they try to hit the big market with CoD being so big. But there is CoD already, there are a bunch of CoD-clones already. How do you want to sell a game of genre that is already over saturated. How can no one see that that just doesn’t work.

  11. Fo'Rizzle McFizzle on said:

    Jeezus, we’re just a bunch of entitled assholes, aren’t we?

  12. Is 2012 the year of publishers & developers hating their customers or something? You can’t say EA don’t innovate, though. They did kick off this trend.

  13. You see that stealth playthrough? It was kinda hilarious. At one point he just climbs off the entire map and edges his way around on a convenient ledge. Its just the fact that the ledge is so obvious and unnatural looking.. even the cliff is square.

  14. Julio Suarez on said:

    What’s all this bullshit about realistic? What ever happened to believable?

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