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In April of 2012, Gather Your Party launched as an alternative source of video game related media. Its creation was a direct result of the growing discontent with the behavior of major outlets across the internet. At the time, the primary concerns related to things like bribery and manipulation of review scores, reviewers exhibiting a decisive lack of knowledge of the games they review, excessive amounts of advertising for new games creating a conflict of interest, and enthusiast gaming outlets frequently publishing articles that had nothing to do with video games, solely to generate revenue.

Due to our pro-consumer stance and desire to pursue ethical video game journalism, it is our policy to disclose information pertaining to possible conflicts of interest, such as when we receive review copies, or when a member of our staff has personal or professional ties to a developer or publisher.

Gather Your Party is non-profit – our site does not contain ads, thus it can not create a direct conflict of interest when writing about games. Our contributors do not receive monetary compensation for their work; However, contributors who submit videos to the site are allowed to publish on their own channels, meaning they have control over the monetization of their own videos. We only ask that they clearly indicate that they are made for or in collaboration with GYP.

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I came aboard to make comics but that quickly changed when our audience’s interests did. I really liked the ideas behind Gather Your Party and didn’t want to just part ways knowing there was probably more I could have done to help. As a jack of most trades, I put my efforts where I can and help when it’s needed.

Most of my work on Gather Your Party is done behind the curtain, helping maintain the stage for the next voice that has the passion and courage to speak out into the ether. Beyond that I occasionally share my Action Points videos when they are related and even rarer still I’ll put together an article. Sometimes you may just hear my tired, monotone croaks in the Podcast.

Besides contributing to Gather Your Party, I spend what free time I have drawing, writing, making videos, playing video games, reading books, thinking too much and wishing I was asleep.

What determines if I play a game is how available it is and if it can keep me engaged. Any other details probably aren’t important. I really like video games.

You can see my videos at ActionPts, bug me on twitter or check out my portfolio if you need an illustrator.


Mike here. I’m one of the senior editors and contributors to the site. While I’ll try to get a review out every now and again, most of the time I’ll be doing editing work and contributing to Gather Your Podcast. Additionally most of the music made for the site has been composed by me.

I’m currently finishing up my MA in counseling psychology and throwing myself at various musical projects. Earlier this year I finished my first solo album and have been slowly releasing stuff since.

I’m a complete shill for CDProjekt Red, Taleworlds Entertainment, and Obsidian. I will never be objective about these companies or their products.


I’m a news, reviews, and feature stories guy and the News Editor on FLASHREEL.

Currently I’m working on my bachelor’s in journalism and in the past I’ve written for two college newspapers, for one of which I served as the Online Editor. I joined Gather Your Party because video games are a large part of my life and the way most sites handled games journalism or reviews really annoyed me. I found GYP, liked a lot of the stuff being published and decided to get involved.

My favorite games are platformers and I’m admittedly a Nintendo fanboy, but I never stick to just one platform. My favorite game series is Rayman.


Hello. I play video games and get in fights on the Internet.

Seriously though I am one of the video reviewers on the site, geared toward indie games and game design. I have been playing games since I could remember and have played many genres across many platforms.

Nowadays I’m geared toward PC gaming since games have become ubiquitous and eventually land on the PC. Genres mean nothing to me so long as the game is fun.

You can yell at me on twitter @Highwang1 or on steam: Highwang 


I am a contributor of news, reviews and opinion pieces for GYP.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Portuguese, which I currently have no plans to make use of.

JRPG’s and SRPG’s are my games of choice, but I’m not impartial to the dreaded “narrative-driven” games, also known as “not a game” games. Predominantly a console player, I grew up as a Nintendo fanboy, until they started releasing underwhelming hardware and lost a sizable amount of third party support, and have since jumped ship to Sony.

You can follow me on Twitter.


I’m the resident Editor-At-Large for Gather Your Party with a very special dispensation to write about anything I well damn please. My focus lies on Gameplay-Design Analysis and Industry Commentary but I do not shy away from the occasional review or first impression. Additionally I contribute behind the scenes to audio/video productions, graphic design, and occasionally Article-QA. Currently I also produce the FLASHREEL news-show.

I hold a degree in Computer Graphic Design from the Higher School of Art in Warsaw and I previously studied Pharmacy at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. I also speak 5 languages fluently with English being my tertiary.

I play games primarily on PC although I own(ed) various consoles throughout my life and I hold no particular loyalty to any video game franchise or company. My earliest gaming experiences can be traced to Arkanoid on my dad’s ZX Spectrum and various Atari ports on his Amstrad CPC. Although the absolute favorite game of my childhood is undoubtedly Contra for the NES (Pegasus).

You can follow me on Twitter @the_adam_tm or read about other things I write at liveware.problem


Hey! I’m a writer, editor, and sometimes photographer and video guy. Sometimes I’ll hop onto Gather Your Podcast, and yes I promise that I’m working on my whole interrupting people thing. I’m also a Paul Heyman guy.

I studied journalism and graduated with an Associates Degree. I wrote and produced videos for my student paper at community college, and jumped onto GYP after that ship sailed. For now, I’m slowly dying inside at a retail job.

I love adventure games, fighting games, Bionic Commando, wrestling, and movies. No, that doesn’t mean I like The Last of Us. 

Follow me on Twitter, or leave a comment on my webzone and I’ll send you a pizza roll. Or you can email me.


I’m one of our Senior Editors and occasionally I’ll jump into a podcast or write a review, but I prefer to do the behind-the-scenes work. There’s a good chance that if something is on the site I’ve have a hand in it somewhere, so I make sure to read all the comments to know how great of a job I’m doing/how horrible I am as a human being. I also enjoy streaming and will sometimes jump into the GLA stream.

I’ve graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Education with a minor in English and plan to do a career involving that sometime soon.

I’m a huge Nintendo fanboy but I do make it a point to play as many different games on as many different systems as possible.

Feel free to contact me on twitter or email me.