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Gentlemen Discussing Vidya Episode 62 – Yahaha!

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This one’s mostly about Breath of the Wild. BROUGHT TO YOU BY CATSMANBOT

9:55 – Intro, unfinished comments, idle talk
33:59 – Zelda – Complaining about voice acting
51:01 – Zelda – Story
58:17 – Zelda – Gameplay
1:38:27 – Zelda – Music
1:59:02 – Zelda – Other stuff
2:40:26 – Other games (for honour, stellaris, some dumbass sandbox survival thing, yooka laylee, divinity original sin 2)
3:18:01 – More games (LTTP randomizer, persona V, chris-chan, bayonetta 2, MonHun, switch reflections)

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  1. Specs says:

    Here’s my autismo spreadsheet of facts on the voice acting:

    Clearly Nintendo has a representative spying on the GLA (probably Rusty) because they’ve actually released a patch that allows you to choose from any of the available dubs. Good move, definitely appreciated.

    I did the Vah Naboris dungeon yesterday. Not bad but the questline wasn’t as exciting as Zora’s domain and the forced stealth section is rather annoying. At least it’s short though.

  2. Trump says:

    Sugita is in BOTW? brb buying a switch.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It lives

  4. Jakke says:

    The contact e-mail kyle[at] doesn’t seem to work.

  5. Anonymous says:


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