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The Slow Deterioration of Seamless Multiplayer ft. Quake Champions

The Slow Deterioration of Seamless Multiplayer ft. Quake Champions

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh my gosh a new Gather Your Parry video. So is GTP back to accepting submissions?

  2. Crowley says:

    This video could also be called “I suffer from ADD and need action and stimulation all the time.”

    I’m actually surprised that this video was approved for GYP given how it actually has polite things to say about Quake Champions. Did the Chris “I hate every game that isn’t Melee or Quake III” Wagar finally quit Gather Your Party?

    • scootinfroodie says:

      Bit late to the party (though in GYP time I’m practically early), but I’d disagree. The downtime in modern MP games is pointless. It’s the result of forced matchmaking/removal of dedicated servers, and the constant “need” to toss shitty nonsense progression systems into every game. Too much time is spent fiddling, whereas I can hop into Xonotic, play for 4 hours, and have almost 100% of that time being actually playing the game. I see no reason to spend money to have 30% of my time wasted on dumb shit attached to an ultimately inferior MP experience

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