Gentlemen Discussing Vidya 59 - Horseboys

Wow congrats u found the secret text

Gentlemen Discussing Vidya 59 – Horseboys

Gentlemen Discussing Vidya 59 – Horseboys

Do you ever think that Kevin Spacey was really well-cast in that film about space? I mean, it’s in his name. Kevin SPACEy. Space-y.

1:56 – News: RDR2, Nintendo Switch
21:36 – Catsman doesn’t know what a space bar is and breaks an NDA maybe
30:45 – Skeleton of the Month
43:42 – Catsman’s Canandram
53:42 – Kickstarter Watch: Liquid Gravity
1:03:08 – Bicker Amongst Yourselves\Comments
1:18:30 – Sneaky bit of Civ VI conversation

Sorry I forgot the comments and had to smush them at the end. This episode was recorded a while ago, so it doesn’t have all the comments we got. I will try and remember them next episode! Also, while I’m apologizing, sorry for the late release, things are pretty busy in my neck of the woods.

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  1. nad trekcyr says:

    huh, i thought the website is dead. is this the last episode?

    • Rob Welch says:

      Gentlemen Discussing Vidya will continue, although maybe not with as much frequency as I’d like. I have no plans on making more articles\videos specifically for GYP. Not sure about other GYP people, to be honest I’ve not talked to them for a while.

      • GIG says:

        Shame. This used to be my go-to site for vidya, and now not only are there no real articles anymore but even the side-podcast (no offense) won’t be posted as frequently. I mean, I understand the circumstances and I sympathize, but it’s still sad.

        • GIG says:

          Actually come to think of it, what IS the relation between GDV and the site? Was it always part of GYP? Did it start here and is an official podcast of the site? I always assumed, since most participants were unaffiliated with GYP, that it was just hosted here because of catsman, but was really some sort of alien entity doing its own unique thing.

          • Rob Welch says:

            They are sort of like cousins. GDV came first by a few months. It’s hosted here as well because I thought it fit well with the site, and because GYPodcast had (at the time) a very serious tone, and GDV was a wee bit lighter. I had initially hoped some people from GDV would have a shot at writing for GYP, and vice-versa, but that didn’t really happen.

        • Rob Welch says:

          LOL none taken. I think it’s kinda sad too, but I think that the way people consume and create stuff on the internet is moving away from websites like GYP. Has been for a while.

          • GIG says:

            Maybe, but there’s something special about small sites that encourage interaction with the audience via comments and podcasts, and getting to know the writers’ style and preferences etc., which I think youtube “reviewers” lack (if that’s what you meant). I personally also prefer the written word over the unplanned ramblings of some unintelligible schmoe. I still like the old-fashioned sites.

            Regardless, thanks for the GDV podcast uploads, they get at least some visits to the site (I’d assume).

  2. RD says:

    Out of curiosity, what sort of podcasts do the GDV members listen to, if any?

    • Anonymous says:

      All other vidya podcasts know how to do is tell me how great womyn and trannies are and why I should be killed if I don’t give them my money. I’d like to see one talk about video games for a change.

  3. Anonymous says:

    There once was a time on this site
    When content was frequent and bright
    That time is now done
    Your party is gone
    You’re walking into the light

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