Gentlemen Discussing Vidya 58

My Sweet Booboogle

Gentlemen Discussing Vidya 58 – My Sweet Booboogle

Gentlemen Discussing Vidya 58 – My Sweet Booboogle

Mustaches, semisweet candy, and an avant-garde reading from Moviebob’s book. Plus: which video game celebrity is going to die?

“A human centipide of a podcast” – Noted Musicer Michael Talley

21:41 – Opening
25:39 – Family Feud (Haydn vs Elvis)
47:13 – Catsman’s Book Club – Super Mario Bros 3 Brick by Brick by Moviebob
53:19 – Happyman’s Skeleton of the Month
56:43 – Best Boy Update
58:23 – Comments
1:14:04 – Nobody can work out Spex’s connections
1:31:56 – Talk about video games
1:44:59 – Harry Potter Becomes a Communist
2:11:31 – Outro


Music credits:

Main Theme by Catsman

featuring an excerpt from 我々の手には、フェード by haircuts for men.

Outro: ‘Promised Land’ from ‘Jesus my Comrade’ by M. Richard Talley.

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  1. Trump says:

    How can I lose the election guys? I regret ever running for president, I just want to be at home listening to you and especially to my yaoi homeboy Mike.

  2. point three oh eight win says:

    Not dead?

  3. RD says:

    [During the “Best Video Game Sunset” Family Feud section]

    [44:25] Mike: “Was the sunset in disk 3 of Beyond Atlantis on there?
    [44:40] Mike: “Wait, that’s actually disk 4, when you go to the Aztec spirit realm to get the Chulel from Tezcatlipoca.

    Never change, Mike.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Christ what an awful episode, I waited a month for this?
    Also Mike is the podcast version of Jeff Goldblum.

    • Human says:

      >Mike is the podcast version of Jeff Goldblum
      He did the podcast version of Jurassic Park???

      • Michael Talley says:

        There was an unreleased episode of GYPodcast where about halfway through I acknowledge the stammering and general lack of cohesion (this will happen to you too if listen to Dan Harmon and Slavoj Zizek too much). I then become super self-conscious about it and speak in relatively short, direct sentences for the rest of it.

        • HUMAN says:

          Frankly I thought he meant “The Jeff Goldblum of podcasts” as a compliment, I mean he’s pretty great, or at least he was back in the day.

  5. NuclearCherries says:

    I want to know how you got from Mighty Number 9 to Islam.. You can’t bring up something like that then simply brush it aside. It’s not the done thing.

  6. Anon says:

    But off topic but the @gyp email address doesn’t work.

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  8. Anonymous says:

    Where are the updates reeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the new episode? :/

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