Gather Your Podcast

Episode 78

Gather Your Podcast Episode 78: E3 Rundown

This is the easiest set of timestamps I’ve ever had to write.

0:00 – We discuss literally every single game mentioned at this year’s E3, alphabetically.

1:42:00 – Comments

1:48:17 – Closing thoughts



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  1. videogames says:

    [0:17:13] im not sure why you guys chose to talk exclusively about the graphics and artstyle when you mentioned civ vi. theres been plenty of stuff released about the changes to the game mechanics (worker changes, city districts, wonders occupying tiles, unit stacking) so i wouldve liked to have heard your opinions on those things.

  2. wew says:

    “Yeah. Okay. Uh-huh. Okay. Okay. Yeah don’t give a shit. Okay. Who cares. Okay let’s move on.”

    just fantastic chemistry.

    • Anonymous says:

      Chris is incapable of acknowledging that people can care about things he isn’t already a master at.

      And did these faggots just besmirch Shantae?

      • Jesus says:

        tbqh his frequent talking over the other two, his childish sarcasm and snarky remarks, also the complete lack of chemistry here and incoherent structure, finally put me off this podcast for good.

        I doubt I’ll download any following episodes, they’re just not fun to listen to.

  3. Crowley says:

    Oh hey look, it’s Chris Wagar ruining another thing with his endlessly annoying elitism. No surprises here.

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