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Episode 77

Gather Your Podcast 77: The After-Party

Gather Your Podcast 77: The After-Party.

Just pretend this came out like 5 days ago.


0:55 – Uncharted’s fancy filters (Uncharted)

2:50 – We’ll never be free of this topic (Dark Souls III)

9:50 – Or this one, for that matter (Metal Gear Solid Spoilers)

11:14 – The chosen one (Neo)

20:30 – TF2’s latest knockoff (Overwatch)

26:10 – Holy shit it’s actually good (New Hitman level)

38:40 – Oregon Trail – Viking Edition (Banner Saga 2)

45:15 – Purse-owner 5 (Persona 5)

50:40 – Heresy you say? (Dawn of War 3 – Total War: Warhammer)

57:31 – Chris’ Best Segue (Mighty No. 9)

1:07:22 – A new world record for fastest cancellation. (John Romero’s Kickstarter)

1:13:15 – The Musique Concrete of Closers

1:16:34 – The new CoD is too stagnant and too different at the same time. (CoD: Infinite Warfare)

1:19:00 – Just pretend this came out before the game did (DOOM)

1:22:10 – Weak-ass computers (F2P games on PC)

1:26:00 – Never be free. (Game Sales & Dark Souls)

1:29:45 – #FreeLeffen (Smash Bros. Visa issues)

1:33:50 – Closing thoughts

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Drakengard series is grunge of videogames.

  2. nabil says:

    great to hear from you guys again this quickly

    i just finished the doom singleplayer and i would say its the best single player fps i played since crysis even though it was a really short game, took me about 11 hours to finish it on ultra-violence difficulty with plenty of exploring but since the gameplay is really good i can see myself playing it again

    multiplayer seems like ass though

    how long should a singleplayer campaign last in your opinion? 1 €/$/£ spent = 1 hour of gameplay? more or less? does the money spent even matter? did your opinion on this change over the last years with the upcoming of free to play games in which people sink thousands of hours like tf2 or dota?

    personally i feel like 15-30 hours is usually a good amount of time for a classic singleplayer campaign. in rpgs (especially jrpgs) i expect at least double (maybe even triple) the amount of time it should take me to finish it. but then again they shouldnt be too long. with dragon quest 8 for example it took me several runs to actually finish it because i lost interest 100+ hours into the game even though its absolutely marvelous

    as for overwatch i played it in the closed beta in february quite a bit and while it was kinda fun i felt like the game would be way better if it was just a bit faster. im probably not going to buy it in the near future

    i hope you are actually doing the dark souls stream for real, remember to try to do it at a euro timezone friendly hour

    • Amer Hmaidan says:

      The Doom review should be coming shortly. I’ve been making my way through it and I’ve got a lot to say.

      I don’t really do the 1$ = 1 hour benchmark. It’s quick and easy to do so lots of people follow it, but there are too many edge cases. By that rule of thumb Superhot is only worth 2 dollars and free to play MMOs are the best entertainment around. You gotta judge games based on their quality. Length is a factor, but not the only one.

      Free to play games didn’t change my opinion on this, but the amazing saturation in the market. Dozens of new games every single day means much more competition. More competition means higher standards and lower prices. My standards have gone up out of necessity since I simply can’t dedicate any time to the majority of games that come out.

      There’s no real reason that campaign length should be tied to genre. So long as it’s paced well and has proper variety then a campaign can last for hundreds of hours in any genre. I think action packed games like shooters generally have shorter campaigns because they have a faster pace. There’s no downtime in something like Serious Sam. You aren’t spending a few hours just exploring a new city and talking to people like you do in an Elder Scrolls game.

      Overwatch is one of those games that’s really varied but also very shallow. There’s a lot of simple characters instead of a few complex ones. I feel like it’s going to be really fun for a few weeks before it drops off completely; there’s just a very low skill ceiling in a game where every character was one very restrictive skillset. For example, Torjborn pretty much only exists to create a turret in a good location and turtle. Meanwhile the engineer in TF2 can build a turret, but also build a dispenser and teleporter. He can be on the front lines of defense, or on the back lines as a resupply area, or even use mini-sentries to be more mobile. There’s a lot more you can do with him, but with Torjborn (and really every hero) there’s one specific strategy that you’re going to follow to the letter.

      I literally upgraded my internet just so I could do the Dark Souls stream. It’s happening. It’s going to be awful, but it’s happening. What would you consider euro friendly hours?

      • nabil says:

        something like 3pm new york time would be 9 pm berlin time i think, so something in the early afternoon of whatever timezone you guys are in would be alright i guess

        • Amer Hmaidan says:

          That could work if done over the weekend. We’ll be saving the video as well so you’ll at least get to see a “best of” compilation.

      • Scootinfroodie says:

        I think the time per hour thing works perfectly if you base it off of personal metrics rather than purely on campaign length. As an example, Revengeance takes only a handful of hours to complete, but I’ve replayed it enough times to go well over the $1/hr mark. On the flip side a longer game like Wolfenstein: The New Order is the sort of thing I played through once and will never touch again, so by buying it at standard retail price (60 bucks at the time) I have a much less appealing $/hr ratio. This also takes into account things like “this game is so garbage that I uninstalled it”, with the hypothetical 3-4 hours being counted against the total cost of the game

        There’s still going to be games that you don’t want to replay but feel are worth it, even at a high price, for one short playthrough but I don’t think there’s really all that many of them.

        I agree wholeheartedly on pacing though. Sadly none of these new AAA “throwback” shooters seem to be capable of avoiding scenarios where they force the player to sit still and listen to exposition

        As far as Overwatch goes, I kinda got that sense when they first showed it. Many of the classes they came up with were ones that severely restricted the meta when they popped up in other games I had played (the most prominent of which being Firefall’s absolutely tragic PvP). There’s definitely a few neat movement tricks here and there but I dunno if those are just going to get patched out or not. And I don’t know if those are going to make enough of a difference to push the game beyond endless pubs

        Speaking of Firefall, there’s an interesting divergence in design between it and Overwatch when it comes to classes. Red5 really didn’t want players to constantly counterpick each other, and made their (often poor) design/balance choices around that. Meanwhile everything I’ve been heading about Overwatch from its supporters suggests that it’s a counterpick-heavy game

        While I’m here, not really getting the degree of flack Romero is receiving. “Back to basics” RPGs subgenres have been kick-started as a method of trying to revive that style of game. I don’t see how that’s different from trying to revive the sort of shooter that has only been kinda present in Wrack recently. Also Romero’s level design is one of the primary reasons why I haven’t written this game off. I’ve played TNO and have seen the nuDOOM maps and, well, they aren’t great. It would be nice to play a fast paced shooter with decent item/enemy placement and a good self-contained level. We’ll see how the demo goes though. Not like Romero hasn’t fucked up in other respects before.

        Oh and with the whole Persona thing. The social link shit, to my knowledge, is not present in 1 or 2. There is still social interaction as a central theme (at least, it is in 2, where rumor spreading is a game mechanic) but iirc 3 is credited with the full on VN dating sim stuff.
        Kinda tentatively looking forward to 5 but I bounced off of 3 pretty hard and heard 4 had a lot of what made me not like 3. Picked up the first half of 2 on PSN though and will probably play it once I’m done with FFV.

        Also you did the Neo/Nioh thing again.

        • Scootinfroodie says:

          “”Back to basics” RPGs in dead subgenres” is what I meant to say. I need to stop typing long comments on an old phone

  3. YF19 says:

    Waitaminute, you guys could find time to talk about CoD: Zeon Strikes Again, and not Battlefield 1?

    • Amer Hmaidan says:

      Oh man we completely missed that one. It’s a good topic too.

      • YF19 says:

        I’m personally half excited, and half nervous.
        On one hand, World War 1 is criminally underutilized as a setting in shooters, which I blame a lot on pop culture painting it all in the broad brush stroke of the Western Front. I’m quite hyped to see what they come up with, since they say they’re going to try to dispel some of the myths of WW1, and showcase how diverse it was in terms of setting.

        On the other hand, it is DICE and EA, so who knows how the actual game part of it will turn out.

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