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Episode 76

Gather Your Podcast 76: A Phoenix from the ashes

Gather Your Podcast 76: A Pheonix from the ashes.

You didn’t actually think we were gone, did you?

00:00 – The A-team of podcasts (Intro)

01:20 – The Dark Souls of podcast discussion (Dark Souls 3)

17:09 – Nostralius is a Blizzard controversy storm (Nostralius shut down and Blizzard being hacked)

20:22 – Oregon Trail 17 (Banner Saga 2) 

21:59 – And back to our regularly scheduled Blizzard discussion

26:59 – Our generation’s Vietnam (GTA:V and Hatred)

37:09 – Honestly just play Brutal Doom. (DOOM beta)

44:25 – Of course it’s on kickstarter. (formerly unannounced John Romero game)

45:50 – If this is all Valve is capable of, how awful is the Facebook one going to be? (Vive)

48:06 – We finally get an MMO based on an anime and it isn’t .hack//? (Sword Art Online game)

52:01 – Shadow of the Colossus meets Skrillex (Hyper Light Drifter)

59:59 – Now with more stale references to Bigfoot (Red Dead 2 leak)

1:04:29 – Oh boy, another game that isn’t Kingdom Hearts 3. (Nier: Automata and Platinum Games)

1:11:00 – R.I.P. In peace SNK (Nioh)

1:11:18 – The big news is that it hadn’t folded already. (Gamefront shutting down)

1:14:43 – Chris mains Alex so I hate him (Street Fighter V)

1:17:49 – EA’s latest mistake (Mirror’s Edge and open world design)

1:25:36 – Spore 2 (No Man’s Sky)

1:29:12 – The end of an era (Last “Pick a Game” segment)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just wanted to say I enjoyed the Hatred-Manhunt-Doom-Romero discussion parts, very balanced and well-paced discussion, no one trying to be deliberately negative or forcefully funny and you let each other talk so the humor felt natural. Keep up the good work.

    • Amer Hmaidan says:

      Thank you! A short (hah!) break was what we needed to make sure hings didn’t get stale.

  2. Scootinfroodie says:

    Slight correction: it’s Nioh, not Neo

    And from what I saw, most of the Hatred support was a backlash against the people who said it shouldn’t exist and wanted it removed from Greenlight because they were offended. Out of the people who bought it, most seemed to think it was alright/mediocre and if you payed much attention to their follow-up game, “IS Defense”, you’ll know already that most people didn’t really seem to give a shit.

    Also worth noting: Daikatana multiplayer isn’t really all that bad. The SP is dragged down by weird loading screens, absurd difficulty balancing and braindead AI (the AI and loading both contributing to the difficulty in their own way) but the MP is just slightly floaty Quake movement with weird guns. It’s one of those games I’d drag to a LAN for a few good laughs if I didn’t have friends that hate “those bouncing shooters”. E1M8b is also pretty good for the little bit of it that I’ve played so far, and I’m gonna move right onto E1M4b once I’m done with it. Romero’s still pretty good at what he does (or did, I guess). Hopefully Adrian Carmack has still got it as well

    Finally, regarding the last segment, As someone played through Dead Space mostly blind just last year, I’d have to agree with the whole tension assessment. Mostly the issue was that nothing was any real threat besides maybe the Regenerator, but it was delivered in such small doses with solutions placed right next to it. A game about a regenerating necromorph that expressly hunts you down and tries to leave trap bodies waiting for you would be a much better experience. If you can’t create safe areas, and you might have to shoot an enemy that will just get back up, you could potentially fix the amhmo hoarding and tension-destroying aspects of the game in one go

    I think they just expected the player to be more afraid of the basic necromorph, which is why they kept trotting them out past doorways like some Scooby-Doo chase scene. It just ruined the mood

    • Anonymous says:

      Amazingly they are actually patching up Daikatana (as in, releasing an official patch based on the source code). They say it currently makes the game almost playable.

      • Scootinfroodie says:

        Yeah I looked it up again the other day to check on it and noticed they had added the ability to disable AI. Might have to give it a go when I’m not being garbage at God Hand and Reflex

        Alternatively I’ll rope a friend into doing a co-op run

        • Scootinfroodie says:

          Meant to say AI companions, just in case that gave the wrong impression. Also while I’m correcting missed statements and words, E1M8b and E1M4b are great. I’m definitely not concerned about Blackroom’s level design

  3. Anonymous says:

    I missed your bad opinions.

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. nabil says:

    i dont think a starcraft reboot would be “””better””” if you made the micro even more complicated

    and while mechanics like hero units are negatively connotated through all the moba crap i still think that the warcraft rts games were good

    i just hope real time strategy games will make a comeback someday

  6. EdgeWeiss says:

    -The removal of Nostalrius seems have been rooted in copyright issues. They couldn’t just let Nostalrius be because U.S. copyright law says that you have to actively defend your copyright. As well, RuneScape’s world and server population cap are actually rather small. Maintaining a set of Vanilla WoW servers would require more manpower and infrastructure than a set of vanilla RuneScape servers.

    -The people making the new DOOM’s multiplayer are called Certain Affinity. I’m so glad they didn’t work on Halo 5. 343 Industries ditched practically everything that Halo 4 did wrong. The core Arena gametypes are actually more arena shooter-y than this current version of DOOM. Still a two-weapon limit, aim-assist, etc. but they re-focused the game on controlling the map, the weapons that spawn on it, and any assorted objectives if there are any. Also, check out Halo 5’s Forge. You can create some crazy shit in there now, and Forge maps support more than 4 players like they always have.

    -I’ve seen game journalists slowly and slowly get more harsh on No Man’s Sky and for some reason that is very satisfying to me.

    • Amer Hmaidan says:

      While they do have to defend their copyright they could have come to an agreement. Stephen King famously let’s student filmmakers make movies out of his short stories for only a dollar each. There’s no reason they couldn’t have agreed to a part of the profits from the server.

  7. Dan says:

    So how long till GYP gets a gritty reboot?

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