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Michael Talley

Mike here. I’m one of the senior editors and contributors to the site. While I’ll try to get a review out every now and again, most of the time I’ll be doing editing work and contributing to Gather Your Podcast. Additionally most of the music made for the site has been composed by me.

I’m currently finishing up my MA in counseling psychology and throwing myself at various musical projects. Earlier this year I finished my first solo album and have been slowly releasing stuff since.

I’m a complete shill for CDProjekt Red, Taleworlds Entertainment, and Obsidian. I will never be objective about these companies or their products.

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  1. Freakydemon says:

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  2. Dandi says:

    RickA.G. Thanks for the support! I need a good nudge every once in a while. But foertnautly, my CP has also taken on the duty of poking me with sharp objects every few days and going, How are those revisions coming? How ’bout now? No? *jab* Now? Lovely! Charissa Thank you! It’s good to be back. I like to save all my humor for you lovely internet peoples and the Tweeter. My YA novels are epic tributes to the macabre and despair.Except, you know. Funnier.

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