FLASHREEL #3 – 18.07.2014

FLASHREEL #3 – 18.07.2014

This week on FLASHREEL:


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  1. Gig says:

    QUAKECON 2014!!!
    QUAKECON 2014!!!
    QUAKECON 2014!!!

    Join in on Saturday for the Bronze and Grand finals – DaHang and Cypher’s match for the championship title should be amazing. You can probably catch up on the previous matches on the QuakeCon youtube channel.

    That “closed reveal” bullshit they pulled on the viewers (cutting off the stream with little explanations on ~8k viewers who were mostly unaware of this fact), combined with a distinct lack of a 4-hour long pseudo-science lecture by Carmack, leaves a really bad taste in the mouth. I hope they come to their senses and bring him back next year (he said he’d come as guest if they asked him, but they refused).

    Also apparently Quake Live is now on Steam. Likely just a change of platform and nothing else, but it’s a good chance for newcomers to give it a try.

  2. Moby Duck says:

    I’ll admit, the Yogventures business pissed me off a little and that rarely happens. I would usually say that the people backing it are fucking idiots and should have known better, but the thing is that these guys are clearly catering to younger audiences. I wouldn’t be surprised if a large portion of their backers were parents and grandparents of the children who listen to these retards. Way teach them a valuable lesson. The whole empathetic “we’re under no obligation to give you anything” Chris-chan tier statement notwithstanding. What a bunch of utter shitcunts.

  3. Feel says:

    Nice outro.

    Also, Is the broadcast of a DOTA tournament on ESPN a major event ? I know little of ESPN, but a quick look at their site and they seem immersed in traditional sports, with a bit of extreme sports to fill out the afternoons.

    What does this make of DOTA ..?

  4. Johanz says:

    Really digging the Flashreel! Also love that you cite sources in the video.

    Top notch stuff!

    • The source thing is particularly important to me and I try to follow every story to its original source instead of just linking to the next best article.
      I would even like do more and cite the sources in the description but its hard to do with some ambiguous or non-public sources like private LinkedIn profiles etc.

      • Johanz says:

        I really appreciate it too, someone has to raise the bar, non? Atleast once a year, 90% of the gaming press gets fooled because someone pulls a rumour prank and no one fact checks and just runs the story from just another gaming site.

        It’s kinda funny (and a bit sad) sometimes, like the whole Hideo Kojima/Quiet drama, which originally was something like that he said it probably wouldn’t be appropriate to cosplay Quiet and someone get it the other way saying that he wanted sexy cosplay or something and every site just ran with it.

        But yeah, keep on doing good work!

  5. A Guy says:

    Flashreel is great, I love it, please keep it going.

    Also the news that Yogventures got cancelled really made my day (I don’t mean to be an asshole, but… ah, who am I kidding :D).

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