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FLASHREEL #2 – 11.07.2014

FLASHREEL #2 – 11.07.2014

This week on FLASHREEL:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    *insert pic of Akihiko saying “i’ve been waiting for this”

  2. Freakydemon says:

    Dem war-bonds

  3. Gig says:

    You didn’t mention QuakeCon 2014 … :( 17th-20th this month. Carmak won’t be talking but the Quake championship is always worth watching.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is that 65daysofstatic playing in the background? You guys have good taste in music.

    • Yes it is, Debutante.
      I wanted to go for Tiger Girl but the weird vroom vroom car effects at the end conflicted with the narration.

      Last week it was Dragon’s Dogma – Imminent Triumph and Jetblack Wings.

      I can start putting that info in the video if people are interested.

  5. Taylor says:

    This is a great way to get in a lot more news without clogging up the front page.

  6. Edgeweiss says:

    I understand that you’re going for a specific aesthetic, but the glare in the middle of the video makes it tough to watch at certain points. Is it possible to tone it down for the next Flashreel?

  7. Moby Duck says:

    Is there actually an RSS/Atom feed that I could subscribe to for media content now? I used to get all the podcasts you’ve uploaded in a separate feed, but that doesn’t really work now.

  8. A Guy says:

    The shit Inafune pulls with Mighty No. 9 at this point is awful. I am so glad I didn’t back this game.

  9. Test-Object says:

    I’m liking these a lot, but as friendly advice: please do get rid of the scan-lines. You are not a tv, it’s just obscuring the footage for no real reason.

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