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5 Genre-Defining Games Forgotten By History

5 Genre-Defining Games Forgotten By History

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  1. moela says:

    I enjoyed watching this, 10/10

  2. bastard says:

    Video games, mane. Brings a tear to my eye.

  3. Erectoplasm says:

    You did a fucking great job with this. Really was worth the wait.

  4. Lames says:

    I heard you mention this on your podcast at least three times, it didn’t disappoint. On the first person shooter segment though, you seem to have missed that Halo was actually the first FPS ever made.

  5. goombagore says:

    Top class stuff. I wouldn’t have even been mad if you split it into 5 different videos. More people should see this.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wow, this is some pretty good stuff. Great voice recording by the way.

  7. Venny says:

    Very nice job, an enjoyable video, clearly effort was put in polishing this.

  8. :B says:

    Jesus christ it’s actually a full-length documentary. This was great, you can tell a lot of work went into research and collecting material for the in-between segments. I take back everything I said about anything dismissive you ever said about Carmack.

  9. Wiwiweb says:

    That was really good and interesting, both on the content and the presentation. I really don’t have anything bad to say about it.

  10. Moby Duck says:

    Oh Sinclair, it’s been a while.

  11. Dana says:

    I’m actually a little disappointed you didn’t bring up Project: Firestart (C64) during the Survival Horror segment, as that game *really* brought together the elements of a Survival Horror, albeit in a 2D setting.

  12. Jay F says:

    I coulda swore I heard that diatribe on Looking Glass Studios’ Ultima Underworld before…maybe even here?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Nice, enjoyed jacking off to this vid

    hot ass thick sweaty body A++ love it @ 5:04 she can suck a mean dick, fuck so hard

  14. Johanz says:

    Excellent video! This is what GYP should be all about! Well, not all of GYP but this is the stuff that seperates GYP from other gaming sites. Good features about video games that have some meaning and some research put into them.

    Also, some “Look Around You” humour in there, right? Or am I just imagining things?

    Anyway, good stuff, very well produced, edited and fun to watch!

  15. Ant says:

    I am only 21 minutes done and enjoying it! Please do more. :)

  16. Kyle Lawrence says:

    This was great Rob. You should do more like this.

  17. Spencer says:

    Probably one of the best videos out there documenting the actual origins of video games.

    Excellent work!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed the fuck out of that.

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