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By Design: Resident Evil 4

By Design: Resident Evil 4

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  1. Anonymous says:

    whoa, this site looks different, can’t really put my finger on it.

  2. Dio Brando says:

    Good video. I’ll be keeping an eye on this series

  3. fuck this site looks awful says:

    The new site design reminds me of Kotaku a lot! Keep it up!

    • Kyle Johnson says:

      You clearly have no idea what Kotaku looks like, but then again if you did know what it looks like then that would mean you frequent their site.

      Also how do you like the ability to use basic HTML in your comment? Pretty neat huh?

  4. goombagore says:

    To what degree do you think control affects design? You talk about the steeper difficulty curve of the earlier games, but that’s partly because their control schemes were shit, no?

    But otherwise, neat series! I look forward to future entries.

    • Mark Ceb says:

      Between RE4 and up to RE3 and older? Not very much. Functionally VERY similar, just sluggish in the past. That and the fixed camera was what made it difficult and put additional focus on level awareness. If I make one about the older games I’ll go into more comparison.

  5. ThatOneBro says:

    Pretty good start to the series. If anything, this gives me a better appreciation for level design and why things were placed where they were.

  6. Aaron Burch says:

    Love the video. I really love the insight into things like upgrading weapons allowing players to keep old strategies or talking about how long-range enemies really fuck-up how the player has been taught to play up to that point.

    I’m really intrigued in designing around scaling up enemy difficulty without increasing enemy health/damage-output and the idea of upgrading weapons v new weapons to increase player strength to fight harder foes. I’m also interested in how these different design choices create a different “feel” for the player.

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