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1001 Spikes Review

1001 Spikes Review

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  1. goombagore says:

    How varied are the levels? And how many lives did you end up with when you finished the game?

    • Jack Ragasa says:

      Level variety’s pretty good, I just didn’t do a good job of showing it because I would spend 30+ minutes on each stage and recordings kept piling up on my hard drive.

      I actually ended with ~1100 lives since beating each stage gives you a fair amount of lives. I don’t know about the post game, but man I’ve lost a lot of my free lives to it.

      • goombagore says:

        That’s disappointing. Seems like they had a good gimmick with the “1001 lives only” thing, but then they apparently just hand them out willy nilly. Nonetheless, game looks fun.

  2. mer says:

    Good review

  3. The Theory says:

    I don’t like this “8-bit graphics”. seems to me that this is just a crutch for them to get a /certain audience/ to buy this game. I certainly don’t hate the style but at least make it so that the game style actually goes with its limitations(limited color palette, programing quirks, limited sound channels, etc).
    Call me a irrational, but I feel that they should at least be respectful of the people who actually went through the hardships of developing in that era, by going through it themselves instead of going in Flash or Unity to basically make a game that looks like what they claim to be, without the soul of it.

    If you really want to convince me that it’s actual “8-bit” then make a version of the game in any of the 8-bit consoles, it’s certainly not impossible, if the Pier Solar devs could do so (yeah, it’s 16-bit but point still stands), so can they…

    -The Theory

    • mersne says:

      i think pixel art starts out as a good idea to lower development costs. It does seem that when developing a game they like to catch the nostalgia crowd to sell more copies. Finally the problem with making a game for the consoles themselves is money, a game takes a long time to make no matter the type and you really want to make money back from it if you are trying to do it full time and homebrewing is just not a viable business decision. I understand that you can make copies for multiple platforms but then what is the point of making it for the old consoles in the first place other than more development time.

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