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Gentlemen Discussing Vidya 38 – A Road That You Go When You Die


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In the pre-E3 news slump, the gentlemen put time into more important things, like Family Feud.

Our next Book Club game is American classic The Oregon Trail, playable in browsers here.

00:01:02 – Intro
00:01:52 – Game Book Club: Ib
00:22:16 – Family Feud: Mao’s Family vs. Mitch’s Family
00:54:22 – News
– Some kickstarter stuff
Call of Duty player calls SWAT on opponent
Activision invests 500 million in Destiny
1TB Denmark Minecraft map
Bob’s Game
01.20:18 – Catsman’s Conundrum
01:46:32 – Outro

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  1. Seanie says:

    I have slapped Hexler over Mario Kart a couple of times

  2. Mix_Master_Mao says:

    Sorry to have to say but Fish is wrong, Radio the Universe was successfully funded in January. Also Happy the speedup of Cats’ Megaman tangent was perfect. Please do that in the future for other tangents, or just use the Silent Hill 2 dog theme.

    I blame all failures on Family Feud on Lotion.

    For the Cats’ Conundrum, streaming XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Classic difficulty, Ironman, Damage Roulette and other randomisation mechanics) kept me tense as a piano wire and furious as hell when I took losses, only made worse by most being from my own bad decisions. Mind, every soldier (who survived a mission) was named after one of the GLA regulars or someone in chat and I felt I had to preserve their lives or people would get mad at me. Once I got to the final mission in the vanilla game and lost (and not restarting) it took months until I got to the same mission with the expansion, with 10 failed games on the way. However winning that game on stream was, as dumb as this sounds, one of the greatest moments of my life and made all the suffering worth it.
    I also get incredibly salty when I lose in Street Fighter to Animitch, but when I play with Rudebootie its pretty relaxing. I think Rude just relaxes me in general.

    For other games that relax me, Civilization and Morrowind work pretty well.

    • fish.heads says:

      I know it was successfully funded, but there hasn’t been anything posted by the guy making it for ages. You’d think he’d have given some people (even non-backers) some update on how things are going but nope.

  3. Grizzly Magnum says:

    I couldn’t have been the only one who picked doom.

  4. Jay F says:

    ultima underworld was a really marvelous game catsman!!! I’m glad you remember it. I made a comment about it once on here, and a few on /v/ detailing how it is a more advanced game than DOOM despite predating it by a couple of years. Interestingly enough it also predated wolfenstein 3D, which as most know isn’t even a true 3D engine. UU however is a true 3D game. To add to the impact it had, Ultima Underworld was also the first action game to have proper physics simulation. Its successors (UU2 and System Shock) explored what it meant to have physics in games more thoroughly, but UU engaged in it very adequately too. The first physics driven game was actually a sports game, none other than the first installment in the John Madden football game franchise, unsurprisingly developed by the same guys who would later go on to make ultima underworld, system shock, and thief.

    It’s a landmark title in more ways than one!!

  5. :B says:

    Every podcast should start with everyone singing a tune fading into happyman’s “coming to you live”.

  6. Yalyn V. says:

    “Only one person said Railgun”

    Yeah that was me … in Goldeneye: Rouge Agent all you need to do is four things in multiplayer:

    1. Know the maps well (and screen peeking is okay)
    2. Rush for railgun (it can shoot through any walls)
    3. Use X-ray
    4. Have good aim and you will always 1HKO your friends

    I piss my brother off so much using that weapon that he would ban it. I love using that weapon.

  7. IGN says:

    bet Catsman makes a bunch of For You threads

  8. CaptJ says:

    You can’t choose to sacrifice yourself in the game Ib. It was only allowed in the fan-version of the game called “Green Edition”.

    • Mix_Master_Mao says:

      I see, that must have been why I only saw it on the wiki. Sorry for any confusion.

      • CaptJ says:

        For the record, the author of the original game requested that download links to the fan game be removed. I can sympathize; I wouldn’t want people associating a fan ending to me (especially considering that it doesn’t fit in with game at all).

  9. Jacob AL says:

    Any surveys for next episode?

    • Happyman says:

      yes, i just couldnt get one done for this episode

    • Happyman says:

      oh wait, just got what you mean. i don’t use every survey question for the episode after them, i add them to a buffer. right now i have plenty left, so i didnt need to rush out another survey for this ep. but for next ep there will be a new survey

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