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New Unreal Tournament Announced, Will Be Completely Free


The development of a new Unreal Tournament game has been announced today.

Following an unveiling via Twitch livestream, Steven Polge, an Unreal engine developer, posted the announcement on the Unreal Engine message boards. “Work on the future of Unreal Tournament begins today, and we’re happy to announce that we’re going to do this together, with you. We know that fans of the game are as passionate about Unreal Tournament as we are. We know that you have great ideas and strong opinions about where the game should go and what it should be. So let’s do something radical and make this game together, in the open, and for all of us. “

The game, simply titled Unreal Tournament, will be available completely for free at launch, and not “free-to-play”. Being developed with the community and modders in mind, Polge says that the game’s development “…will happen in the open, as a collaboration between Epic, UT fans and UE4 developers.” All of the games code and content will be accessible to Unreal Engine 4 developers through a GitHub page. It’s a bold new direction for Epic and the Unreal franchise, considering ex-Epic Games developer Cliff Blezinski’s past thoughts on PC gaming.

Later down the game’s lifespan, Polge says Epic plans to open up a marketplace where creators, modders, and players can “give away, buy and sell mods and content.” Marketplace earnings are split between the creator and Epic Games, similar to Valve’s very popular free-to-play shooter Team Fortress 2, which uses a similar marketplace which has seen large success.

Unreal Tournament does not have a set release date yet, but will be playable on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Source: Unreal Engine Forums

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  1. Kyle Johnson says:

    OK, this has my interest.

    The VERY FIRST THING that the community should do is ensure that the engine does not cap your FPS at 90 during multiplayer, like previous Unreal Engines/Games.

    Next they need to find a way to fix the horror that is trying to configure an Unreal Engine game. Those scattered, cluttered .ini files need to go.

  2. EdgeWeiss says:

    I’m skeptical about this revenue model. I’m hoping that there will be some quality screening and incentive to release content for free, else the marketplace will end up full of low-quality cash-only items. Sure, word of mouth after the initial flood of content can help, but that initial flood would be the problem; tons of people buying utter crap, getting pissed, and Epic pocketing the money no matter what happens.

  3. Jay F says:

    I’m skeptical. I’ve seen “open” developments before between developers and community. It…doesn’t work out, to say the least. I’m interested, but skeptical.

  4. So this is the Bethesda route?
    Release a crap game then let the community fix it?

  5. :B says:

    Pony skins and hat trading servers.

  6. Freakydemon says:

    Selling mods. We’ve come to the point where selling mods is acceptable now. Not even stand alone games out of mods, no no, mods.

    • Gig says:

      This is one of the main gripes with this move. Sure the game’s tone will be up to the community to determine, but the modern F2P audience isn’t the old UT99/2k4 audience, they will come for the hat-money and Minecraft models and whatnot. We might end up with one paid mod being really successful causing a massive rise of paid content from everyone who wants to make a quick buck, and a lot of horrible content that should have no place in an Unreal game like (shudder) pony models and roleplaying mods; Additionally, charging for mods of any kind feels really sleazy and against my oldschool instincts, people have made full game conversions in the past and wouldn’t charge for it even if the game authors would have allowed it (TFC, Natural Selection etc.). This is also somewhat of an incentive for the company to release it with little original content, relaying too much on the community.

      also why the fuck call it Unreal Tournament you bunch of fucking cunts, you’ll overwrite the original Unreal Tournament name, call it UT4 or something.

      Also where is the GYP Unreal server?

  7. Well…this is certainly something.
    Can’t say I’m confident this will turn out well.

  8. serpen1 says:

    Gonna keep my expectations low, but play it anyways.

  9. SUmo says:

    “New Unreal Tournament Announced, Will Be Completely Shit”

    no need to thank me

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