Gentlemen Discussing Vidya Feud

Gentlemen Discussing Vidya Feud


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A Family Feud themed episode, with all of your favorite participants, and Mao. Plus: can animals be black people? The opinions that nobody wanted to hear.

The next Book Club game STILL is Yo! Noid on the NES. Don’t listen to the other suckas on the podcast, it’s actually a good game. /Happyman

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‘Samus Aran berating Boigahs for his loli’ by Baka.

  1. fish.heads says:

    How does Happyman even have trouble coming up with questions, he’s always going on about the best video game skeletons and the best video game knives.

  2. Lames says:

    I played that Imoen romance mod and it was one of the funniest things ever. The dialogue was so awkward and poorly written, I loved it.

  3. goombagore says:

    Please play this again, but actually do it correctly, so there’s, you know, suspense and competition. Stuff that games are made out of.

    • goombagore says:

      Oh shit rules changing on the fly! game is gud now

      • Happyman says:

        yeah i didn’t have a lot of preparation time but it ended up working out. and we’ll definitely be playing more

        • Gig says:

          You also need more questions.
          I wonder if it’s best for the quick round to change the questions each team is asked, because while the first answers the second team has time to think.

  4. Aby says:

    Best incest in videogames is Drakengard because everyone dies.

  5. catsman is my waifu says:

    Where’s my shaved leg pics, Catsman? [email protected]

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