Gather Your Podcast Episode 50

Gather Your Podcast Episode 50



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Kyle, Mike, Amer, and Aaron get all cynical and stuff. It’s hard not to be after playing terrible games.

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  1. Aeiou says:

    Nice little nod to that comment, glad the podcast is regular again.

  2. Mark Ceb says:

    Pauline would be a better Salma Hayek stand in. Not Peach.

  3. Crowley says:

    I think allowing the Titans to jump up on top of buildings and giving them greater movement options in general would break the game. I mean, they have to keep some kind of difference between robot and on-foot to give it something interesting

  4. Aby says:

    At least Eva’s ending actually makes sense since it’s easy to look at a book of Freudian psychology and the director was conveying his own depression. With Bioshock Infinite, Ken said himself he doesn’t know anything about the bullshit he’s using in it.

  5. Anon. says:

    Loving the tons of content you guys have been pushing out lately! Keep it up.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Weebtip: kowai and kawaii do not mean the same thing.

  7. Name says:

    When will Mark/Cameron return?

    • Kyle Johnson says:

      Cameron hasn’t been with GYP for over a year. We’ve stated this several times before.

      I asked Mark to be on this one but he was unable to attend.

  8. Dongs says:

    I actually miss rail shooters. I thought with all that motion controls bullshit getting popular they can come back, but all we got was just more House of the Dead and Time Crisis ports.
    Hell, last decent original rail shooter game I played was Gal*Gun

  9. fish.heads says:

    I wish that Bioshock Infinite ended like End of Evangelion where all the characters die, because fuck all the characters in BI.

    • Aeiou says:

      Doesn’t matter, because in some other universe they would’ve lived.

      It was a physical impossibility for the characters to die in BI properly, i hope i made your day that little bit worse.

  10. Grizzly Magnum says:

    It seem the last luigi thing is a e-shop sale.

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