Gather Your Podcast Episode 49

Gather Your Podcast Episode 49



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Kyle, Mike, Amer, and Charlie discuss Valve Anti-Cheat, Takedown: Red Sabre, a new batch of Peter Molynews, a fantastically brilliant game idea, and more!

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  1. RIP in peace ZE3 says:

    Japan’s shit taste strikes again!

  2. Anonymous says:

    In regards to Hayter:

    “iQiOi Co., Ltd. about 12 hours ago
    It appears that whoever made that [image] has been off their meds for too long. It is one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen. None of it makes a drop of sense. As for the company, it merely underwent a name change this year to reflect its move into game development. Cry of the Banshee was indeed localized by Iqioi and Jeremy Blaustein as can be seen in the in-game credits. Everything else reads like the work of the Uni-bomber.”

    Hopefully it doesn’t cause the death of this thing, I was looking forward to a Snatcher 2.

  3. Richie King says:

    An entire podcast could be dedicated to discussing Zero Escape’s story, really.

  4. Cameo says:

    takedown has sprinting and running.
    is it really that slow?

    • Cameo says:

      On that note, I have had AI enemies back down from gunfights and stuff, but mostly they just look at me, and if I ever get shot, my AI buddies wait for me to respawn or get shot too, when I die I usually lose 2 or three “lives”/players.

  5. Zolwiol says:

    Speaking of hardcore tatctical shooters. Any of you tried Insurgency?

  6. Crowley says:

    So “interesting” is all you have to say about Valve installing a package on your computer that reads your DNS cache and stores anything deemed suspicious? With this constant back-and-forth fight to keep cheaters out of games, will they increase their range of gathering information beyond DNS and everyone just won’t care because “It’s Valve, based Gaben can do no wrong!”

    • Kyle Johnson says:

      It doesn’t store things, it just compares your DNS to a known list of sites they want to look for. They don’t send your DNS cache back to Valve, they only report positive hits. I forgot to mention on the podcast that Punkbuster (anti-cheat for older Call of Duty games and Battlefield) have the same function in them if I am not mistaken. Feel free to research it further.

      • Crowley says:

        I’m pretty sure that they’d want to store the information about reported positive hits somewhere for reference. If they weren’t doing it before, they’ll probably start doing it now since cheaters have found out that they’ll need to clear their DNS routinely.

        This is an interesting situation; in which way will Valve add on to their anti-cheat measures now? Will they try gathering more information off of people’s computers in secret or will they put more effort into securing and monitoring the actual game side of things? They can easily get away with the former, both because of all the good will they have stored up and because Steam is like YouTube now in that it’s the biggest thing in its market (digital distribution/game client) and doesn’t have any real competition that can step forward and pick up the slack. The latter would take an actual dedicated effort on the part of a company that has, in recent years, made millions off of just creating sequels to mods and the cosmetic items (an increasing amount of them not even made by Valve) that they sell within them.

      • Anone says:

        Are you sure the slowdown in that port of Metal Slug 3 isn’t intentional, replicating actual Neo GEO slowdown?
        Some arcade games had certain limits on amounts of sprites on the screen, so if the game had more than X sprites it would cut the framerate in half, and all good console conversions of shmups always replicated that slowdown, just so those parts with a shitton of bullets don’t become unbeatable at full speed.
        I would like to see a side by side comparison of the steam port and the original on the arcade hardware before shitting on the port. Unless it skips frames, of course.

        • Amer Hmaidan says:

          I own and played multiple versions of the game and none of them had this kind of slowdown. It’s honestly not too common, but it is annoying the few times it happened. I don’t think it was kept in to make certain parts easier.

  7. AniMitch says:

    regarding david cage winning frances highest award. it was not due to his video games it was beacuse he had 20 years of dedicated public service to an industry, that industry just happens to be video games.

  8. mes0 says:

    I want to play some CS with you kyle

  9. Dongs says:

    Zero Escape 3 will forever be in my heart, together with Megaman Legends 3 and Shenmue 3.

    The iOS version of 999 is retarded. Not only having one screen [spoiler]essentially kills one of the biggest mindfucks in the game[/spoiler], there was a lot of characterization done during puzzle sequences, and the final puzzle is an emotional climax of the game, it was the only time I shed a tear over a puzzle, you can’t cut that shit out.
    Even playing it on a phone DS emulator would be a better idea.
    Anyway, 999 is $20 on Aksys store right now, go and fucking play it.

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