Gentlemen Discussing Vidya 35 – The Jbobberz Rap

Gentlemen Discussing Vidya 35 – The Jbobberz Rap


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The gentlemen respond to some aired grievances and discuss iPhone bird games, PC cat games, and that new Sonic game (for some reason). Also, Jambalaya bob shows off his freestyle rap skills, and Fanfiction Hour makes a triumphant return.

The next Book Club game is Yo! Noid on the NES. Don’t listen to the other suckas on the podcast, it’s actually a good game. /Happyman

  1. Everdark says:

    The fanfiction was perfection.

  2. -- says:

    >4 days apart
    what is this sorcery?

    • fish.heads says:

      The last one that came out 4 days ago was actually recorded weeks ago. I wasn’t on this one but I think it was recorded much more recently and edited by a more competent editor.

  3. fish.heads says:

    So Cats, it’s okay to put other peoples’ butts as the podcast thumbnail but other people can’t see your legs? This double standard is sickening.

  4. Weeaboo Mike says:

    A Japanese ultra-nationalist Gym Leader would use steel types that have been folded one-thousand times.

  5. Sagawa says:

    First: That fucking fan fic. What the fuck? Second: Most artist (not all) do drugs to get inspiration (Basquiat for example), and also some eat paint to get a feel of the colors (Van Gough). Third: I live about two hours away from L.A., and I have to agree. People there act in that particular way. Also, Adventure Time sucks (especially the art style as well). And finally: Just wanted to say that you guys are doing a great job, keep it up!

    • Rob Welch says:

      Thanks for your words. I always try to rationalise these fanfics with ‘oh, well, it’s obviously a self-parody of awful fanfictions’, but deep down, I know that most of them are probably sincere attempts at creating art.

      I don’t think that history’s famous creative people were creative because they did drugs. I think it’s more likely that they did drugs because they were creativeeccentrictortured people. There’s no way to know for sure but that seems more likely than drugs somehow magically making people more creative. I don’t think that a flood of neurotransmitters or hormones can make people more creative. An empty head is an empty head, whether it’s filled with drugs or not. /$0.02

      I don’t really have much experience with the drugart culture in my city, although one of my friends wears a hoodie with a wolf on it a lot, and one of the local drug dealers always wears the same thing, so he keeps being pestered for drugs.

      I poo-pooed Adventure Time for ages because people who liked always said ‘oh man it’s totally grimdark and mature and edgy you should watch it’ like they were desparately trying to rationalise watching a children’s cartoon. But eventually wolf hoodie guy started watching it in the living room every waking moment of every day. It’s super hit-and-miss, but when it’s good, it shows genuine creative flair, wit and emotion. I’d put the better episodes right up there with old Simpsons and Samurai Jack.

      • Dongs says:

        Yeah, most artists use drugs or just copious amounts of alcohol because artist’s life is usually filled with lots of self-loathing and disappointment.
        Even though most things you create under the influence ends up in the thrash bin once you sober up, a substance that can clear your head from things you don’t want to be in it for a brief moment can be useful.

      • Happyman says:

        catsman you havent lived in california what the hell do you know jeez

  6. rinslime says:

    Cats, what’s your favorite episode of Star Trek The Original Series?

    • Rob Welch says:

      the one where they have the alien that’s a dog in a hat and there are two kirks but whenever one is onscreen the other is carefully framed out of the shot

  7. munchkingman says:

    So I have a munch mystery that cats can make into a conundrum:
    What do you think of the inclusion of minigames in between stages? what are some that you hated? some you loved? For instance, the cooking minigame after bosses in dragon’s crown were really enjoyable, and even incorporated parts of the recently defeated boss.

  8. Cicero says:

    is part 34 a secret podcast?

  9. AniMitch says:

    that fanfic made no sense at all.
    if Goku could turn super saiyan onlyit means the story would take place after either ther frieza saga or in the middle of the cell saga. As Goku would be busy trainigng to fight cell i doubt he would have time to mess around with time transportation, it is most likly to have taken place whilst Goku was learning instant transmission and thats why he ended up in Nazi germany.
    But if this is tha case where did he get a spare sensu bean from? and if Goku learnt super ultra power saiyan why did he never use it after returning to his time?

    despite these flaws i found the love scenes very tender and hitler made me feel scared 8/10

  10. Aby says:

    Nier is the final boss of Nier. I even mentioned that when you guys were streaming.

    Also spoilers.

    • Happyman says:

      more games i thought of: civilization, yo noid, where in the world is carmen sandiego, resident evil 3: nemesis, ao oni, donkey kong, urban champion

  11. Lames says:

    I was listening to this podcast during a lecture an Jbob’s rap made me crack up. Fuck you.
    That fanfiction was also fantastic.

  12. Mix_Master_Mao says:

    We won’t be doing our weekly Thursday stream on the 27th of February because I am not getting back from a trip until the Friday and Happy wants to take a break as he has things he needs to do. Sorry for this, but catch us next week if you want to watch us play Metal Gear Solid 1.

  13. Gig says:

    Thanks for taking my criticism to heart and not being offended. If you actually decide to change things around because of that diatribe and you make it big in the lucrative podcast industry, you can send me the checks by mail. Now all you have to do is buy a proper mic to whoever it is that shouts at his computer from across the room over other people talking and you’re good to go.

    That remark on the counterproductive effect of drug use on creativity is very true. Downers make you lazy and uppers take away your focus. People who rely on “recreational” drugs for inspiration who produce good results, are otherwise already creative individuals who never got around to learn basic tools and methods to generate that content on demand, that every other artist has learned, and are now relying on crutch.

    • Jambalaya Bob says:

      You’re referring to Mix Master Mao there, I believe.

      And to that second paragraph, yes.

    • Rob Welch says:

      Every 5-10 episodes I have a little speech before we start recording about how everyone should use better mics and enable push-to-talk if they’re in a noisy room. One day me might reach that point.

      I actually do like high-brow discussions about video games. I’d like to devote more time to the ‘Catsman’s Conundrum (with the possible addition of a munch’s mystery)’ segments in future episodes. GDV could be like a tragicomedy, but instead of tragedy and comedy, it’s sophisticated and cerebral discussions punctuated by periods of mindless yelling and dick jokes. I’d like that.

      Is mao the scrappy doo of this podcast?

      • Mix_Master_Mao says:

        I hope not. The reason why I sounded like I was far away was because the room I was in was cleared out so there was a bit of an echo within it. You guys did tell me I sounded a bit weird before the start of the podcast, but I didn’t know it was that bad. It won’t happen again next time.

  14. Happyman says:

    a video game survey for an upcoming segment we’re planning, if you listeners would answer it that would really help us out

  15. Fishy Cunt says:

    For some reason some parts are getting cut and some are just looping when I listen to this on my Ipod…am I the only one having this issue? It really sucks cause I don’t have time to listen to the podcast at home, and the previous episode was kinda messed up aswell.
    Wh-what’s going on? I can’t live without this podcast! Help! I-I need an adult!

    • Rob Welch says:

      I’ve started encoding Gentlemen Discussing Vidya in VBR. This means higher audio fidelity and lower filesize. VBR support has been pretty unanimous in media players since around 2007-2009 (hell, the iPod Classic had it) so I have no idea why people have been having problems with this. Can you give me a particular media player (hardware or software) that can reproduce it?

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