Gather Your Podcast Episode 48 – The Dark Podcast

Gather Your Podcast Episode 48 – The Dark Podcast



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Kyle, Mike, Amer, and Chris are all apparently horrible people.

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  1. Aeiou says:

    The Dark Podcast, is that like The Dark Knight?

    Am i in for the edgiest of podcasts where everybody has throat cancer?

    I’m sorry that’s an awful attempt at a joke.

  2. crowley says:

    Sonic Boom is being made to go along with the TV show while Sega themselves are continuing to make their own Sonic games with the original designs.

  3. Bobby Kutaku says:

    Vince Zampella and Jason West need cancer

  4. InZ0mbiac says:

    So does EA just look at their 2 worst company in America awards each morning and tell themselves “3 times baby”.

  5. EdgeWeiss says:

    Y’know, with the whole echo chamber circlejerk of cynicism you guys have going on I honestly thought you would all wish cancer-death onto Curt Schilling.

  6. fish.heads says:

    Have you guy maybe considered shuffling the podcast schedule so that more people can be on? Nothing against Kyle, Mike, and Amer, but the podcast gets a bit stale when it’s just the three of you (and sometimes Chris if we’re lucky), and it would be nice to have old regulars like Mark and Rob on more often. Now, I don’t know about Mark, but Rob told me that he hasn’t been able to be on because the podcast records late at night/very early in the morning, which is why he hasn’t been on for quite some time, hence why I mentioned possibly adjusting the recording time. Just something to consider I guess.

    • Michael Talley says:

      You act like there won’t be a brand new person on the next podcast.

    • Kyle Johnson says:

      The podcast from the very beginning was always a set three people and a 4th rotational spot. Then two of the three weren’t really available anymore, so it had a random rotation for a while until things settled into a new lineup.

      I prefer to have some level of consistency so that people can be more familiar with the voices than if it jumbles around all the time.

      Also don’t forget the occasional five person podcasts we do.

    • Amer Hmaidan says:

      We actually have moved the schedule around a bit so as to make it more convenient for people to podcast, so don’t worry!

  7. IGN says:

    you haven’t seen Silver Age until you’ve read this

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