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Gather Your Podcast Episode 46 and 47



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A double episode that suffered from delays. Please yell at Kyle in the comments to make sure he never deletes his recordings ever, ever again.

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  1. Aeiou says:

    Fuck yes.

    Maybe it’ll be mentioned in the podcast, but how’s that site redesign that was mentioned forever ago going?

  2. Freakydemon says:

    I blame Mike for all the delays.

  3. Mankament says:

    So next episode in May?

  4. Michael Talley says:

    The intelligent designers of Call of Abraham have acted fast. They removed the stair-dick statues and added Ur to the map. Are you prepared for the best game produced in AD?

    for reference:

  5. whatnow says:

    I played skyrim on a console because realistic horse pussy, tanned elf lolitas and MLP dragon mods aren’t my thing.

  6. Cruz says:

    Kept you waiting, huh?

  7. Alexandru Crudu says:

    Kyle, I’ve had that same problem with PD2 updates ever since 5 or 6 updates ago. I need to free 21 or 23 GB of space on my HDD if I want the game to update.
    The only game that I’ve had similar problems with updates on Steam was Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts or Tales of Valor, but IIRC Relic fixed those problems years ago.

  8. fish.heads says:

    Have you considered updating/changing the podcast art since at least one person featured hasn’t been on the podcast for well over a year?

    • Kyle Johnson says:

      That’s been on the “to-do” list for a long time. Other things keep taking priority, but some day it will happen.

  9. nevers says:

    This was a treat.

    I liked the Eve Talk. I completely agree with you Kyle about Eve PVP. It is hands down the most adrenaline filled PVP I’ve ever Experienced. Part of it for me was the pacing of combat, were there are sometimes long periods without conflict as you are chasing the enemy or being chased. The other part is that the stakes are higher, you are putting something on the line, your ship, your current clone. All in all I really love that side of the game, and the drama is great. I haven’t played in a few years but i still like to chat with friends that do to hear good gossip.

    Also you guys mentioned that more MMOs should try and give players ways to create their own fun rather than limit them to pre-created content. It reminded me of a video:

  10. Gig says:

    Fucking finally!
    Welcome back.
    Now about that Unreal Tournament / Quake GYP server…

  11. Dongs says:

    SMT games had the whole Hindu pantheon in them for decades, and nobody gave a fuck, so I guess the issue with Smite is really with them being in a shit game.

  12. SomeGuy says:

    Thank God you guys are back! If I had listen to another episode of Super Best FriendCast, I would of broken my laptop.

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