Gentlemen Discussing Vidya 34 – In Memory of Uncle Phil

Gentlemen Discussing Vidya 34 – In Memory of Uncle Phil


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Catsman is late, so the Gentlemen discuss third-party Xbox controllers, Tuscan whole milk, COD Mega Bloks, Broken Age, VR, and



  1. Cameo says:


  2. Mix_Master_Mao says:

    Here are the pictures of the controller
    ignore my hands and feet

  3. Mix_Master_Mao says:

    cats the download is for the GDX episode, not the memory of uncle phil one

  4. Crowley says:

    Gender Bender still sounds better than the Depression Quest greenlight game where practically everyone white-knighted the creator.

  5. Yalyn V. says:

    Thank you. I needed something to listen awhile I am drawing.

    Also it’s funny you guys said you gonna do Kickstarter watch in the prev. podcast but you guys didn’t do it at all.

  6. fish.heads says:

    Holy shit fuck whoever is echoing so much I bet it’s Mao fuck you Mao unless it’s not you.

  7. Gig says:

    > Starts with an hour of highschoolers shouting and laughing at one another about non-vidya nonsense while waiting for the host
    > Continues on for 2 more unorganized, unedited hours of derailed conversations about nothing in particular, occasionally mentioning vidya

    And you wonder why people prefer Gather Your Podcast.

    I’m sorry but this episode was shit; it’s now just a poor excuse to record yourself having a laugh. It feels like you put no effort making it even semi-organized and semi-related to the subject of the site and podcast, volume isn’t even normalized and everyone’s shouting and laughing loudly over one another without any order or minimal care to be intelligible to the listener.
    The first hour should NOT have been in the podcast (maybe put it in a separate file), the rest should have been heavily edited, as maybe half of it was even related to vidya with the rest being in-group jokes and impulsive knee-jerk reactions. That’s not a discussion and it’s not interesting to someone who doesn’t know who you are. The only one trying to salvage the structure is Happyman but he’s not enough.

    I realize this podcast is more relaxed and less formal and it’s very humorous at times, but this comes off being really childish and uninspired. Despite making the effort to set up schedules and edit the mumble and upload it, you make very little effort to make it more organized and interesting and on-topic, which makes you seem worse than those 14 year old noisy obnoxious youtube let’s players. Having structure, predetermined subjects, relatively orderly discussion, thought-out responses and less verbal clutter is a sign you put effort and care into your product, and if someone doesn’t care about the quality and content of their work then it’s not worth my time. I have better things to listen to if that’s the normal state of things.

    • Seanie says:

      No fun allowed

      • Gig says:

        Don’t put words in my mouth. I laughed hard when Happyman snapped over dogecomments, I cried at the list of Black Friday casualties, and I fondly reminisced about my second apartment when Catsman described the cave. But those events were part of a semi-organized segments revolving around vidya news and discussion, mostly edited to include just the good bits and with people mostly letting each other speak clearly and concentrating on the PODCAST, NOT on how much fun they’re having making it.

        Apart from one or two individuals, most participants are either too inexperienced or too young to realize that those few GYP users who listen to the podcast – who don’t, coincidentally, also take part of it – don’t understand or even care for the obscure inner jokes, overlapping excited shouting and unfinished sentences, or overly-extended segments about your personal lives. If what any of the participants cares about when recording is joking around endlessly making fun of his friends and telling about his personal life, then the final product will inevitably be no different than listening to a highschool cafeteria group chat. Not my idea of a good pass time.
        And if the host or organizer of the podcast wants it to be a good (or, less importantly, a successful) one, then he should give them predetermined guidelines, segment and edit the episode to have structure and cohesion, tell the host to keep things relatively in check, and smack people over the head if they’re unfunny, shoot from the hip or derail the conversation needlessly. And making it less crowded and raising the standard of expression won’t do any harm either.

        My two cents, take it or leave it. I would personally love listening to more, but if it’s going even further off the track I have other (even vidya-related) podcasts to fill my train ride in the mornings.

        • Happyman says:

          i’ve been saying for so goddamned long that we shouldnt be having so much podcast time about our lives and GLA insider stuff and what we’re streaming because the listeners (who are mainly from GYP) don’t give a fuck about that but everyone was always like nooo we need to promote the stream and ourselves

    • Mix_Master_Mao says:

      I’m sorry about talking about my school, I know we were recording but I didn’t think that Cats or whoever was editing the podcast was going to leave it in along with the stuff like the controller. Again I’m very sorry, I too think we talk about not video games too much, I’m pretty sure none of the usual listeners want to hear me talk about my school. If any listeners do have a problem with me, please say. I don’t want to be an annoying part of the podcast.

    • Dongs says:

      Wait, so GYPodcast is dead or what?

    • Dorothy Langcaster says:

      Ignore this loser. GDV is like a bunch of chums hanging out in a college dorm room, GYP is like a posse of pensioners at bingo night

  8. Feel says:

    On topic of supposed “Podcast Quality”, what I like about GDV is the inevitable slide from videogame discussion towards off topic comments, broadcaster’s antics, and the general laughter that it ensues. That is what makes this podcast so entertaining and unique.

    As for GYP, its format ( 1 hour, 4 people ) is more adequate for, if not serious, focused discussion about videogames. The more structured approach of GYP is what makes it an excellent podcast too ( the “What is a game” special is also a good example )

    They both balance themselves out in the most perfect way. I say continue the way you were doing things GLA.

    You don’t really need structure as much as you need a figure to keep everyone in check and prevent the podcast falling into chaos. Which doesn’t really happen and is, for me, entertaining in its own way.
    You have Happyman, and I noted Mao’s attempts. Or why not someone else.

    I’ll try to provide you with new segment ideas if I come up with some.
    Keep it up, you guys are great.

  9. catsman will be my wife says:

    Get off /g/ catsman, unless you post in a “shaved legs are technology” thread.

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