UPDATED: Broken Age Review Embargo

UPDATED: Broken Age Review Embargo


Press and backers of Double Fine’s Kickstarter funded game Broken Age will be receiving part one of the game today, but Double Fine has put a review embargo on the game until January 27th.

“We’re also preparing to send out review codes to press, who will be under review embargo until January 27,” says Double Fine on their backer-only message entitled Update #31. “This embargo also applies to any of you backers who are in the press or have blogs—we are requiring all formal reviews be held until January 27 at 10am Pacific time (6pm GMT). The same time limit applies to the press as to backers; everyone is in the same boat! We’re trying to be as fair as possible given that backers will have access to the game before everyone else.”

Some see this as a troubling sign of the game’s quality. A review embargo is sometimes used to keep possible bad reviews of a game from coming out before the game’s release that could jeopardize a game’s sales. However part one of Broken Age is being released in beta form, as evidenced by Update #31’s headline “Back Beta Coming TOMMORROW!”, and Double Fine is encouraging early players to report bugs. This two week embargo may simply be a way to keep impressions of a beta tainting the game’s reputation when it’s fully released. Or we could be looking at situations similar to Ryse: Son of Rome, Dead Space 3, and Aliens: Colonial Marines.

UPDATE: The review embargo has been lifted. Wow, that was fast. The announcement was made on the Broken Age Kickstarter page:

Hey all, I just wanted to write and let you know that we have decided to go ahead and lift the embargo on Broken Age reviews. The decision to set this originally was not made with any sort of malicious or controlling intent, but rather to keep spoilers to a minimum and give press time to enjoy the game, reflect on it, and write a review without feeling rushed to get it out first. However, it’s clear the excitement will be difficult to contain.

So feel free to run your reviews and let’s play videos as soon as you’d like! Just remember to be careful about story spoilers, especially the ending! Thanks for being so understanding. Hopefully you guys dig the game!

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  1. Aeiou says:

    I find it awfully strange that players can express opinions freely though, considering people are a far more reliable source than websites for game impressions you’d think they’d want to lock that down if they were worried.

    But at the same time they’re clearly not wanting it out for primetime just yet in case something disastrous happens on day 1.


    • Kyle Lawrence says:

      There was a mess up with my email so im waiting for support to fix that. I hope this game is good.

      • Aeiou says:

        Oh god, i’m enjoying it, it’s the first kickstarter game not letting me down.

        I think i’m getting 3.3 million dollars worth of entertainment holy shit.

        • Kyle Lawrence says:

          same. the puzzles are pretty simple and all can be solved with trial and error, but damn im enjoying the writing. i actually feel compelled to pick each and every dialogue choice to learn more about the world and characters.

  2. asd says:

    its lifted nothing too see here

  3. Ozymandias says:

    Maybe the game is different from how the trailers were selling but it sure looks infested AAA game bullshit and pretty fair from the old school adventure and funny joke game roots they sold the Kickstarter on, it also looks like its a SWJ darling whether this was informed directly by the Tumblr crowd or was simply always Tim’s original vision remains to be seen

    • mes0 says:

      It’s clear you haven’t played the game.

      • Ozymandias says:

        I made that pretty clear. How does the game differ from the trailers selling it as one half male shut-in wanting to “grow up” and give up childish things to fight against injustices and a female wanting to go against go against being a sacrificial maiden in a dress and instead kick some ass? Both of those sound like clear winners for the SJW/Tumblr crowd to me.
        Are they pulling another Brutal Legend by having the marketing sell it as exactly what it isn’t?

        • Richie King says:

          Yeah, this is just Gone Home all over again, I can see all the perfect scores already. Where’s the gameplay? Psh, this isn’t a real game.

          • Aeiou says:

            Nah it’s completely free of that bullshit tone, this is so far removed from gone home.

            What a faggot fanbase will make of things though, that’s an entirely different story.

        • Freakydemon says:

          Is it just me or is the Anti-SJW crowd becoming more annoying than the original SJW. You people have confirmation bias in everything you see now. A game has a black girl? SJW. It has a kid wanting to grow up? (Something most children want) SJW. You people are annoying as shit. Go ahead and limit creativity, it’s pretty much what you’re doing here. I bet you sperged out because Mistral wasn’t white. You fucking worthless piece of shit.

          • Anon says:

            Agreed. Fucking /v/ kiddies

          • whatnow says:

            No, it’s just you. The only people worse than the Tumblr crowd are the people who listen to their extremist shit.

          • Ozymandias says:

            I forgot the part where I mentioned the girl’s race, but go ahead keep talking about confirmation bias while putting words in my mouth. Also I don’t recall wanting to limit creativity, while SJWs in general want games censored and altered like a next gen Jack Thompson.

          • Anon says:

            Yes, we should all shut up about people being total retards. Nope, don’t criticise the obviously mental people with crazy far out extremist ideas because that makes you annoying.

            I’m not sure if the game is a bunch of SJW bullshit, but the video game press are sure making it look like that. The same way they tried to say Bioshock Infinite was deconstructing the themes of racism and xenophobia, we all know how that turned out. I hope the game is actually good and has a proper story that isn’t “LOOK A MINORITY WE ARE TOTALLY PROGRESSIVE HONEST” type of shit you saw in Borderlands 2 or Gone Home.

          • Freakydemon says:

            Do you people even hear yourselves when you say this shit? You really think this whole ‘SJW’ movement has any influence? You even likened them Jack Thompson, a person who was a big media fuzz who achieved literally nothing, same goes for this. Yeah gaming press are bunch of wankers and now they wank about feminism and other crap, what’s new about that. What does the perception of the press have to do anything with the actual game? In the end all I’m reading here is assumption after assumption, none of you actually bothered to play the game. But you did see a good opportunity to spew some shit about how Tumblr/SJW/[insert external ‘enemy’ here] ruined muh vidyagaems. You’re acting like you’re ‘sane’ and the others ‘insane’ while you’re both just two polarized extremes.

        • Dongs says:

          The guy is tired of AI’s handholding bullshit and just wants to have fun, and the girl tries to fight the monster because she doesn’t want to fucking die, how is that even close to SJW retardation?
          It’s like you people lose all capability for rational thought as soon as you see a red nose.

          • goombagore says:

            Ignore Ozymandias’ retardation. In fact, ignore any idiot who preaches about a game he hasn’t played yet.

  4. -- says:

    “We made a basic PR mistake and trying to save face.”

  5. Kyle Lawrence says:

    Vella’s story revolves around her rejecting the maiden sacridicing ritual of her culture. While this could be seen as a battle against the patriarchy it is not presented as that simple or black and white. in fact Vella’s grandfather is one of the people most against the ritual. The story is more about standing up for yourself when you feel something is wrong and having the courage to break traditions and follow your own path. at leaat thats what it seems ao far. while im sure vella will appeal to the SJW crowd because she really is a good female character the morals in the game are in no way pandering to that crowd.

    • Freakydemon says:

      >the la-li-lu-le-lo
      Thank you based Wagar.

    • EdgeWeiss says:

      Agreed; In my opinion the general idea of Vella’s story seems like something I could see Disney making if they ever wanted to do an animated movie for their older fans. There’s a very huge difference between something like that and pandering.

  6. jamie kerr says:

    Can someone tell me if the game lives to the hype or not?
    And did anyone consider the review embargo a good idea in the first place?

    • Kyle Lawrence says:

      If you’re looking for a puzzle heavy, challenging game, you’ll be disappointed. If you wanted a fun and comfy adventure game with great writing, then you’ll be satisfied.

    • Dongs says:

      It doesn’t feel like an oldschool point and click adventure like I expected it to be, and I don’t really like the artstyle, but otherwise it’s pretty fun so far.

      • Kyle Lawrence says:

        It reminds me of a Humongous game sans mini-games. It’s clear they focused more on the animation, art, and writing than puzzles. I liked it it but they could’ve maybe added a few puzzle games and stuff

  7. Dorothy Langcaster says:

    “Some see this as a troubling sign of the game’s quality. A review embargo is sometimes used to keep possible bad reviews of a game from coming out before the game’s release that could jeopardize a game’s sales.”

    The embargo was obviously a way to generate buzz when the game is actually released to the public. Gather Your Party seriously needs to get /v/’s thick, chunky dildo out of its ass.

    • Freakydemon says:

      I doubt it, this release has a lot of buzz around it because of it being the first big game of KS to *partially* release. Don’t think they figured they needed more attention and it isn’t the most positive PR. Either they wanted to favour the backers with this in some way or just genuinely wanted to avoid getting to much spoiled or something.

      Your theory of buzz creation is more the conspiracist /v/ approach than anything. Don’t forget a lot of AAA games have these embargoes put there by publishers to “level the playing field” for the press and to shut up bad reviews, even though you have to fuck up royally with today’s standards to get a non-favourable review.

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