Double Dragon: Neon Coming to Steam

Double Dragon: Neon Coming to Steam


Majesco has announced that they will be bringing developer WayForward’s reboot of the Double Dragon series, Double Dragon: Neon, to Steam. It will be published under their recently-created Midnight City indie games label.

Previously released for PSN and XBLA to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary, this new PC port of Neon will include a new online co-op mode, a feature that was missing from previous versions. The game was notably decimated in several reviews by critics who whined about its supposedly “unfair” 80’s-reminiscent difficulty. It also has high-fiving at will with your partner as a feature.

Double Dragon: Neon arrives on Steam this March.

Source: Shack News

  1. Aeiou says:

    Was exposed to this game during the SGDQ 2013, looked pretty awesome.

    Definitely picking it up.

  2. Plok says:

    Instead of mentioning another review that rags on the game, why not put forth your own views on the game? That it’s a beat ’em up, or that it’s 80s styled (though you did mention the 80s in another fashion). Mention its fantastic soundtrack. Something like that.

    By mentioning that review at all, you’ve made it notable, and it comes off as incredibly unnecessary to me.

    • Dongs says:

      If IGN shits on a game for being too hard and unfair it means the game is actually good.

      • Plok says:

        Then he could have just said that, “it’s good”. There’s no need to take a shot at a site that pretty much anyone who reads this site in the first place already dislikes.

        And to be honest, Neon is a plain sort of good, definitely not great. A lot of style over substance. Double Dragon Advance is better.

  3. A Feral Jew says:


  4. anon says:

    The music is definitely glorious.

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