Gentlemen Discussing Vidya 32 – GDX

Gentlemen Discussing Vidya 32 – GDX


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The Gentlemen discuss the beautiful trainwreck that was VGX, and their favorite and least favorite games of the 7th generation.

This episode was edited by SeanieSkyKiller.

  1. CaptJ says:

    The download link is not working.

  2. Cameo says:

    so you finally got to work again?
    I am glad (there was 1 article per week)

  3. -- says:

    I literally “YESSS!!!”ed the moment I saw the a new episode.

  4. Serpen1 says:

    Pokemon xy runs like SHIT in 3d.
    It literally drops to to like 10 frames per second as soon as it starts raining.

  5. Aeiou says:

    I look forward to the VGX talk i’m about to hear.

    It was truly one of the worst things ever made by a person or persons.

  6. Happyman says:

    of course my mic starts breaking up right as i talk about some other guy’s mic being awful

  7. Seanie says:

    I am sorry if the editing seems poor, i-its my first time p-please be gentle

    • -- says:

      Yes the audio is all over the place, some voices are so quiet compared with other very loud voices (typically catsman), so you have to get a headache if you want to hear everyone.

  8. Dogeman says:

    (read it just to annoy happyman)

  9. Crowley says:

    South Park is actually a hit-or-miss show right now. It has some great episodes and some pretty bad episodes, but it’s nowhere near all fart jokes.

  10. Lames says:

    Actraiser is fucking awesome. Favorite SNES platformer. Didn’t care much for the “god game” aspect on my other playthroughs though.

  11. Craig McLeod says:

    What is the outro themr called?

    • fish.heads says:

      Raw Attraction by Ilmarque

      I swear we get this every time the song is used in the podcast.

  12. EdgeWeiss says:

    If anybody could make a good story out of Borderlands, it’s TellTale.

  13. Crowley says:

    It’s not just affecting videogame-related channels; a musician got his video claimed by record companies even though it was nothing but his own rendition of Silent Night.

    Going “Oh, I don’t care because at least a few shitty youtube video makers will stop getting money!” when it’s a lot more people than just them being affected is pretty shallow.

    • Aeiou says:

      It’s a pretty disgusting attempt at forcing restrictions and censorship upon people.

      I’d rather have an independent person uploading gaming videos rather than only publishers/developer sanctioned releases.

      In addition, any of the “get a real job” shit could apply to most jobs related to media, fuck you could say it about a lot of jobs, but if your face is in front of a camera odds are you don’t have a “real” job, i fail to see why youtube videos are a less acceptable version of it.

  14. Fucking Pollacks and their gay propaganda. Fuck’em.

  15. Gig says:

    GDV: 99% pure sausages, of which only 40% actual vidya discussion (exact figures may vary, not for children under 5, choking hazard).

  16. Grizzly Magnum says:

    Well I hear the Nintendo contract is the just the opposite. you have to make sure your game is playable without 3d.

  17. Jono says:

    there was a point in this podcast where Happyman refered to Joel McHale as “Joel Schumacher”. I couldn’t stop laughing. Schumacher directed that shitfest Batman and Robin, so I think he’d be right at home working on next years VGX. He might improve it somewhat…

    btw, McHale was by far the only good thing about that woeful insult to video games that is VGX.

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