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Serious Sam Series Retrospective

Serious Sam Series Retrospective

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  1. :B says:

    Jesus christ, leave some titles for the others.

  2. Jay F says:


    • Jack Ragasa says:

      More like A/D,S+M1 Mash Space insert expletives.

      This looks like a weird math equation.

  3. Johanz says:

    Good retrospective! Although, I wouldn’t say that Serious Sam 2 is cel-shaded, since it doesn’t use that graphical technique at all it seems. I think you just meant that it is a bit cartoony looking. Also known as toon shader sometimes:

    And black outlines on objects doesn’t make something celshaded either. Celshading is basically an effect where shadows get hard and uniform all across the entire area they cover. Sure there are variants but the effect is often very pronunced otherwise it would just be some kind of other shading.

    Sorry, had to nitpick haha! But good video and I still think that Serious Sam 1 has something that the rest Serious Sam games haven’t managed to capture. I guess it might be a bit nostalgia and the graphical style of the game but it was just fun to play and it all mixed really well. The co-op was a ton of fun in that game!

    • Jack Ragasa says:

      Don’t apologize, you’re 100% correct about that cel shading mistake. Thanks for pointing that out.

      And yes, co-op serious sam anything is hilarious. Just get a man-tower going and get every secret by force.

    • Cameo says:

      the second i heard cel-shaded, I knew this would happen.

  4. Comment Troll says:

    Well made video Jack. I think you could use more objective detachment but you hit all the notes. You should do a retrospective on the Infinity engine games.

  5. Jake Booth says:

    You’re the best person GYP added to the site. I wish everyone else made content at the pace you do Highwang.

  6. John says:

    The HUD for the first two encounters was awesome. I can’t believe how crappy and boring they made it for the HD remakes.

  7. Andarra says:

    I think you’re mostly right on the money with the games, though my opinion is somewhat divergent with BFE. With BFE, honestly, its level design and gunplay with ridiculous enemy numbers and sheer FUN only really shines with 16 player co-op. If your experience is solely bound to an alone play-through, you’ve missed out on A LOT of enjoyment from the game.

    All said and done though, BFE probably WAS somewhat of a slap together project, and its looking more and more like from what we’ve seen that Serious Sam BFE’s successor will be the Serious Sam game that we know and love as.

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