Gentlemen Discussing Vidya 31 – Por Dios y Por Castilla

Gentlemen Discussing Vidya 31 – Por Dios y Por Castilla


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The Gentlemen discuss Maldita Castilla, Christmas themed games, Christmas release games (there are none), Black Friday, Twitch shenanigans, and next gen.

[00:02:30] – Intro
[00:03:36] – Comments
[00:08:38] – Book Club: Maldita Castilla
[00:22:35] – Christmas games
[00:24:29] – News and non-news
[01:25:00] – Top vidya picks
[01:30:35] – What have you been playing?
[01:52:16] – Outro

  1. --- says:

    Holy shit I laughed so fucking hard at the opening, why are you so late? I need one podcast per week at minimum what the hell am I paying you for?

    • fish.heads says:

      Welcome to Happyman Schedule.

      • Happyman says:

        honestly my ideal podcast would be a podcast every two weeks and it’s only like one hour long, but catsman dont have time for that which would mean i would have to host and edit every episode

        also, everybody play the first system shock for the next book club. google “system shock portable” to get it

  2. :B says:

    so who’s butt is it, then? someone from the Christian Gangsta Rap scene?

  3. serpen1 says:

    Gentlemen discussing cooking ham and black people

  4. Lames says:

    I now finally have a reason to play System Shock 1.

  5. Mix_Master_Mao says:

    ‘Mao’s not here so fuck him’

    T-thanks Happyman ;__;

  6. Alex Diniz says:

    To add to the over expensive PS4 in Brazil discussion, products considered superfluous also get higher taxes, which includes tobacco, alcohol and toys, videogames are considered toys.

  7. Freakydemon says:

    >You can beat System Shock 1 in 5 hours
    Yeah if you’re replaying the game or following a step by step walkthrough. You lying cunt Baron.

  8. lunaticFortune says:

    Depending on which retailer you work for it was more of a Black Thursday. Yeah, a bunch of us had to work through Thanksgiving, putting up with herds of feral idiots who didn’t have a family to eat with.

    The biggest factor, at least at my workplace, is whether or not the management planned it well enough beforehand that year. Last year’s actually went pretty well, but this one was… well, it was a clusterfuck. No one was injured, amazingly, but the levels of stupid were absolutely toxic.

    Also, such a shame Rune Factory is ded. Those were actually pretty decent.

    • Everdark says:

      Truly it’s a shame. I have only played through the third game but it was solid enough and I feel a bit bad for fans of the series. I hope someone else picks it up and continues on making em.

  9. Dongs says:

    Devil Survivor Overclocked didn’t have 3D, it’s a straight port of a DS game with extra chapter, everything is in 2D and all of the gameplay happens on a bottom screen.

  10. Charlie says:

    The trick with the 3D is that instead of one viewing camera in the game there’s two. There’s no way that can be super expensive to implement.

  11. Jay F says:

    The first system shock has really cool music. I guess if you aren’t using a decent midi interface like an mt-32 emulator, it might sound really nasty, but, in its proper intended quality it’s really good. The guy behind the music, Greg LoPiccolo is a genius and went on to work on the amazing Thief series, Rez, Guitar Hero/Rock Band, etc. Noticing some of the pop music influences is also really cool, but while Eric Brosius is credited as being the sound genius at LGS, LoPiccolo really held the reins there. Just listen to some of it. The rock-techno from the medical suite backed by quicktime midi, The brooding ambient of the Maintenance deck, and a fun similarity I noticed between two different songs – obviously inspired by Nine Inch Nails’ “Head Like a Hole”, just listen to that intro and compare. &

    SS1 had really great sound. The entire game is a cohesive work of genius in part of Looking Glass’ desire to simply avoid having conversations with NPCs in order for the story and characters to be told. That’s all SS1 is, Ultima Underworld minus the usual RPG bullshit they got tired of.

    • Freakydemon says:

      I didn’t bother with setting up the MIDI player and all that, so it just played the standard DOS soundtrack. Even in this lower fidelity format it’s still an amazing soundtrack. A lot more memorable and interesting than the mostly ambient SS2 soundtrack. Also loved that there were some bits that reappeared over several tracks. I went blind into SS, was expecting an okay game that probably didn’t age well. But what I found was genuinely an amazing game that’s still very playable today. Sure the interface is clunky and not concise but at least it was customizable to a degree. And with some modding you have mouselook. Pleasantly surprised. Although it has to be said that the dataslates with everyone’s most personal recordings strewn over the decks didn’t make any sense. A lot of people seemed to have been part of the YouTube generation where they’d rather record shit going down than intervening or doing anything at all really. At least in SS1 the slates were of the deck’s crewmembers and not from people all over the station, unlike SS2 and later the Bioshock games. Something very odd about hearing a scientist talk about her work across 5 decks, with audio from pre- and post-disaster.

  12. asd says:

    nice podcast as always but are you guys bringing back the fanfic segment some day? i really liked it

  13. plaemdfkd says:

    “Gentlemen” discussing “Vidya”

    Holy fuck… stay fedora, guys.


  14. Jono says:

    Aeroporter on 3DS doesn’t use 3D at all. That game came out in 2012, and as it’s a budget eShop game, it’s more or less proof that 3D isn’t mandatory and that the whole Rune Factory “3D costs too much” thing is total bullshit. As far as first party Nintendo stuff goes, Miiverse on 3DS doesn’t really use the 3D either. You can view screenshots of games in 3D but only if the poster had 3D enabled when they took the screenshot.

    Considering how they went out of their way to shoehorn the 3D effect into everything relating to the OS it’s funny to me how they’ve sort of abandoned it at this point in that regard.

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