Console Games and Bad Performance

Console Games and Bad Performance

  1. fish.heads says:

    I hope that now that we’re off of seventh-gen hardware devs will just stop using the fucking Unreal Engine.

    I’m sure a new shitty engine will rear it’s ugly, texture-popping head though.

  2. Video Games says:

    I’m kind of giggling, because even though youtube only outputs videos in 30fps, all of the footage of Devil May Cry 3/4 is noticeably smoother than any of the “graphically intense” games in this video.

  3. Mr.Bigglesworth says:

    Amen. Agree 100$

    Personally, I even avoid games who run on certain engines.

    Gamebryo is the worst of all and Bethesda managed to make it even worse of an experience. It’s a crime against humanity.

    It’s incomprehensible to me how people put up with this trash

    • serpen1 says:

      Because its easy to mod and people love jumping on the Bethesda bandwagon whenever they release something.

    • Dongs says:

      Well, wizards at Atlus somehow managed to make a good looking game on Gamebryo, so looks like art direction is more important than the engine itself.
      Still, after Catherine was out they said they never going to use Gamebryo ever again.

  4. Seanie says:

    My name is Charlie Cade.

    Everytime i end a sentence my voice drops an octave.

    Good video do

  5. :B says:

    Not really an argument, more like a rant (though a well-justified one).

    Also holy shit man, you’re delivering a 4-minute monologue but every single sentence ends with the same intonation. It gets annoying by the second minute and is a real distraction, vary it up.

  6. Aeiou says:

    Why would a developer focus on good performance when they can implement godawful graphical effects to trick you into thinking it has good performance.

    Trust me it makes sense when you really think about it i’m sure.

  7. goombagore says:


  8. Ivan says:

    High pitch high pitch high pitch high pitch low pitch.

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