Devious Intent – Nemesis

Devious Intent – Nemesis

  1. fish.heads says:

    Pigs are flying, it’s snowing in August, and HyperBitHero has released a new video.

  2. serpen1 says:

    Oh look, you’re alive.

  3. Aeiou says:

    whn r u gunna do an epic cod villain ;)?

  4. Jimbles says:

    Oh gosh oh posh it is him maybe even Instig8ive will come back and all will be okay in the world

  5. It finally happened, the dead have risen from their graves.

  6. Jam Jack says:

    Loved this, really enjoy videos going into detail on characters

  7. Gig says:

    Eddie was really cool back in the 90’s.

    Ur-Quan when?

  8. Quetzac says:

    Nicely done. The nemesis is badass enough to be a Schwarzenager villain.

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