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The Typing Of The Dead: Overkill Review

The Typing Of The Dead: Overkill Review

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  1. Freakydemon says:

    >I don’t usually bring subjective opinions into my reviews
    God, please tell me this was some ill-fated attempt at a joke Wang.

  2. Aeiou says:

    So much content from GYP.

    Finally i feel justified checking the website every day.

  3. Jean Baudrillard says:

    My PC experience: The game ran pretty stable for me on PC. I don’t know what textures clipping issues you could mean. Isaac and Candy looked great for a former Wii game. Candy’s voice acting was terrible, though, and the other playable woman’s was sometimes, too. Overall, for a game, better than average voice acting, though.

    Minor gripes offered in the spirit of constructive criticism: Did the video author not realize the PS3 version (not the Wii version) was the main source for this port? Also, there was a PC version of the original as well.

    Bottom line: As a fan of the original, I can’t believe SEGA snuck us a sequel on such short notice! It’s awesome! All in all, I totally agree with your review!

  4. Jack Ragasa says:

    Ah I wasn’t aware that the port was the PS3 ed. And for PC edition, are you referring to Overkill or the original typing of the dead?

    As for Candi, everything about her felt robotic except her breasts. I think her breasts had more polygons than the rest of her model.

  5. Gig says:

    Console port when?

    • Jack Ragasa says:

      4 years ago!

      Unless you mean Typing to the consoles, in which case i’m not sure if thats feasable. I know PS3 can use USB keyboards but I dont think the 360 can.

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