Gather Your Podcast Episode 43

Gather Your Podcast Episode 43



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On this week’s Gather Your Podcast – Kyle, Mike, Amer, and Aaron discuss: Call of Duty: Ghosts… and some other stuff, but really it’s mostly Call of Duty. Yep.

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  1. Hippodome says:

    No Eternal Darkness… seriously?

  2. -- says:

    Jesus Aaron, stop cutting people off.

    • Aaron Gilje says:

      Yipes, I see what you mean now that I listen to it again. I’ll work on it!

      • -- says:

        I know it’s hard from experience. you have no visual cues from others to compensate for variable amounts of lag, so unless you’re consciously aware of how they talk and what they’re about to say, you tend to talk over them. It’s an acquired skill.

  3. Amer Hmaidan says:

    I forgot to mention this in the podcast, but sometimes the fish didn’t swim away, and on one occasion they swam towards me.

  4. Alex Diniz says:

    What I really want to know what is it called “Ghosts”.

  5. InZ0mbiac says:

    The dlc will be Reily is captured and brainwashed to wear a suicide vest with a dead man’s switch in his iaws like a bone and you have to shoot him before he reaches his. It also becomes a multiplayer mode with one team covering the dog but its too much work to make player controls for a dog so it’s always ai

  6. Al says:

    I like how the dog was one of the main selling points for this game.

    I’d rather watch those Italian episodes of Kommissar Rex than play this casual crap.

  7. Grizzly Magnum says:

    Good sir you dare to insult wonderful 101 I challenge you fisticuffs. I will let choose the places of venue.

  8. mes0 says:

    I got the joke kyle.

    • Kyle Johnson says:

      Considering my lack of experience with the franchise, you would think someone else would make the joke and I wouldn’t catch it.

      • Dick Richards says:

        I swear i knew what you were talking about, but fucking Shrek man, it’s the first thing that pops into my mind

  9. Unatco Sam says:

    Amer should have introduced himself as “Guns ‘n’ Amer” in a thick redneck accent

    • Michael Talley says:

      Been wanting to do a cowboy themed podcast for like a year now and that would totally fit. There really hasn’t been a reason to do it though since good western games are few and far between. Also Kyle refuses to do a southern accent for reasons beyond my understanding.

  10. Snuff says:

    What’s the name of the intro song

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