Gather Your Podcast Episode 42

Gather Your Podcast Episode 42



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On this week’s Gather Your Podcast – Kyle, Mike, Amer, and Eric discuss: Halloween/Horror games and events, Elias Toufexis was originally in Far Cry 3, CoD: Ghosts has an alien horde mode, EA wins another award for being terrible, and more!

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  1. Richie King says:

    Wait, Eric enjoys games regardless of difficulty?

    *Grabs pitchfork*

    • Richie King says:

      Or Amer, honestly cannot tell.

      • Drew says:

        Pretty sure that’s Amer, the Batman of Kickstarter. Strange you can’t tell, because the few regulars of GYPcast have fairly different voices, unless you recognise voices, but are unsure if you are attributing them to the right owners.

        • Amer Hmaidan says:

          Eric is the one that likes easy games, not me. You got our voices wrong.

          Although, I did share some sentiments; I won’t play a game on the hardest difficulty just for the sake of it, especially if the game doesn’t scale well. So maybe you got our voices right and you’re just focusing on the wrong part.

          • Richie King says:

            You guys should introduce yourselves in the beginning :)

          • Drew says:

            Oh, I did more than that. First, I thought there’s only 3 of you on the podcast, second, I though that we were speaking of who’s getting employed at Ubisoft, not about who’s playing games on lower difficulties. It was quite a ride, but all’s resolved now.

  2. Marcus Puckett says:

    You were remembering Gears of War Kyle.

    Actually you could be remembering any number of things. Doctor Who episode with subterranean aliens, I’m pretty sure there are Star Trek episodes (both TOS and TNG). It’s a fairly common concept.

  3. Cameo says:

    I was scared as shit from dead space.
    had to restart dsadly once so I lowered the difficulty to easy and then I just rushed through everything without being scared.
    The limited bullets and shit really got to me.

  4. Edgeweiss says:

    Tally up another mistake EA made, as there have been multiple reports that BF4 is pretty is still pretty damn buggy on every single platform that has it. You gotta hand it to DICE for convincing people to pay $60 for a beta.

  5. fish.heads says:

    If I had a dollar for every time Kyle says “ANYwaaaay…”

  6. serpen1 says:

    The lack of diretide makes me severely dissapointed.

  7. mes0 says:

    I have a Dualshock 4. It’s overall it’s great, but the “claw” is a lot more uncomfortable.

  8. Dick Richards says:

    Did you guys say Silent Hill 4 sucks? I mean, the story is stupid and it shouldn’t be a Silent Hill game, but the game is good, sure freaked me out.

    • Michael Talley says:

      That giant face was pretty scary but the game wasn’t even originally conceived as a Silent Hill sequel. It had some redeemable qualities but it had jack shit to do with the established mythos (and no James’ dad doesn’t count for shit).

    • Amer Hmaidan says:

      It wasn’t bad, but you could see how it fell short of being great.

  9. Hippodome says:

    No Eternal Darkness?

  10. One Guy says:

    Serbian Film wasn’t that scary just disgusting. Not sure why I watched that

  11. Jay F says:

    Thief is actually best played on the Expert difficulty, as it builds the most thief-like experience, and encourages exploration significantly with the additional objectives, which is one of the best parts about the game, the exploration.

    Playing it on Normal or Hard is a bit of a disservice to the player. Either way, good to see you guys are actually playing Thief.

  12. Gig says:

    Legend of Grimrock had some butt clenching atmosphere…

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