Gather Your Podcast Episode 41

Gather Your Podcast Episode 41



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On this week’s Gather Your Podcast – Kyle, Mike, Amer, and Mark discuss: GTA Online, Godus, therapy for Amer’s Kickstarter addiction, Gary’s Incident devs abusing DCMA takedown on YouTube, Dark Matter, way too much stuff about EA, Infinity Ward, CoD, and Battlefield, and Wii production ending.

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  1. Aeiou says:

    You can never talk about EA enough, time to listen.

  2. Martius says:

    So whats with that scientific study? Topic for next podcast?

  3. serpen1 says:

    The fact that Sega wouldn’t/couldn’t make Hatsune Miku a DLC racer for Sanic racing amazes me. You wouldn’t even have to hire a voice actor, and I would pay good money to have some fun with Miku.

  4. Quetzac says:

    FTL is so so. There’s potential to work the game from the ground up with a similar idea and bigger crew, but as is, new content wouldn’t do much to improve the experience.

  5. IGN says:

    did Amer back Star Citizen

  6. Yalyn V. says:

    Wow that Battlefield 5 announcement is quite dumb. Reminds me of the story of how Sega dealt with Phantasy Star.

    So all the fans including me got our money ready to purchase the latest game that is coming to the west, Phantasy Star Portable 2 (PSP2) for the PSP. The release date is the same as Halo Reach. But, Sega of Japan does it again as they don’t care about the western audience at all, they did something pretty much stupid. Nine days. Just Nine days until us fans can purchase the game, BUT WAIT! Sega-of-Japan-just-announced-Phantasy-Star-Online-2-for-the-PC YEAHHH! … Oh but wait! There is another game announced! It’s called:

    Phantasy Star Portable 2 INFINITY. For the PSP …

    When fans noticed that we are about to purchase an inferior title, most of them just either bought Halo Reach or saved their money for something else.

    Some thought it would be a smart idea to wait for INFINITY. There is a problem though, PSPs and UMDs are dying, poor sales on PSP2, and somehow they removed the game from the PSN. What is odd that a few to this day would still ask if it’s ever coming … Yeah. Tell them I said “no.”

  7. Anonymous says:

    Someone needs to tell Oleg Maddox development is a fucking team effort.

  8. Gig says:

    “Who the hell kickstarts a cooking show?” “well apparently I did!” “Are you like sleep-kickstarting now?”
    The last 20 minutes are golden, you were on the same wavelength.
    Please keep posting one every week my train rides go faster.

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