SOMA Gameplay Teaser Released

SOMA Gameplay Teaser Released


Frictional Games has released a teaser trailer of their upcoming PC and PS4 game SOMA.

So what can we deduce about SOMA from this teaser trailer? It seems to be a horror game that incorporates many sci-fi elements. The main character seems to awaken in what may be an operating room, though it doesn’t look like a hospital.

Then you get to the brain attached to all those wires. When the brain is revealed, the main character says “Is this me? Am I like Rasnick(?)” This tells us that the main character has some knowledge of where he is and what has been done to him. Also, when the mechanical arms attack the brain, the main character seems affected as well. Could that be his brain? How is he alive without it?

It’s possible that the teaser trailer isn’t showing the beginning of the game, but events that happen later on. It could also just be a gameplay preview involving something only mentioned in the game’s main storyline.

Considering the text at the end of the trailer flashing “I THINK THEREFORE I AM,” the emphasis on brains, the info section of, and taking into account the other teaser trailers (see below) it’s likely that the plot of the story will revolve around placing consciousness into inanimate or inhuman objects.

It was originally speculated that the game would be heavily based on the SCP Foundation, but it’s unclear from the trailer how similar SOMA will be. Considering the game isn’t scheduled for release until 2015, we’ll likely be waiting a while to find out.

Source: Frictional Games

  1. Dongs says:

    Eh, I got my hopes up when I saw those two subtle and unsettling live action videos, but looks like they were outsourced to someone competent and the game itself will the same as their previous ones.

  2. fish.heads says:

    The design and atmosphere look neat but I’m not to sure about the main character talking. First-person perspective is supposed to put you in the shoes of the character, but having him talk really creates this strange disconnect. Hopefully it all works out in the end.

    • Amer Hmaidan says:

      I only worry about how the main character reacts to different in-game events. For instance, I really don’t need him screaming during a scene I find tame.

  3. Gig says:

    1. “the maincharacter seems affected as well. Coudl that be his brain”
    2. See
    “While the footage above is unedited gameplay footage (I played through and recorded it myself), it is not from an actual game level. Just like with our Amnesia teaser video, it is a custom made map that is meant to show off the general feel and tone of the game over a four minute long trailer. This means that it is not an exact representation of how the game is actually played. It gives a pretty good idea of how the gameplay works though.”

    So the SCP-like videos were just teasers to build tension, and the gameplay footage was gameplay but not really off the game, and now quite plot related.

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