Gather Your Podcast Episode 39

Gather Your Podcast Episode 39



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On this week’s Gather Your Podcast – Kyle, Mike, Amer, and Jack discuss: theories for marketing Valve’s Steam Machine, Frictional’s next game SOMA, CoD Ghosts getting dedicated servers, Capcom layoffs, The Last Guardian being re-engineered, Curt Schilling selling off game and other properties, and more!

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  1. Grizzly Magnum says:

    WOW, that was fast.

  2. Amer Hmaidan says:

    No Kyle, this is my game:

  3. Hippodome says:

    2 in as many weeks?

    GYP, with these podcasts you’re really spoiling us!

    • Hippodome says:

      then you start the podcast with fart sounds…

      • Kyle Johnson says:

        You need to get your hearing checked, there was no such thing here.

        • Michael Talley says:

          The mid-range growl of a clavinova has often been compared to farts so I’m not really taking it personally. Yamaha on the other hand might wanna have a few words with Mr. Hippodome.

  4. -- says:


  5. Anon says:

    Two in a row! A new record!

  6. noname says:

    The download doesn’t work

  7. serpen1 says:
    Don’t worry, EA is already opening new and wonderful innovations when it comes to servers.

  8. Cameo says:

    I liked Red Faction armageddon.
    got me to pick up guerillia.
    maybe because the only red faction I played was multiplayer on PS1 or 2.
    there was a nice raygun that let you see and shoot through walls.

  9. Jake Booth says:

    Amer doesn’t like SHOGO?

    Please fire him.

    • Amer Hmaidan says:

      I played it very recently and the combat was really just mediocre and the story was terrible. The only worthwhile weapon is the assault rifle and the critical hit system made the game a complete joke. Later levels are horribly designed, confusing and have tons of backtracking. The mechs were really clunky and annoying to control. The dialogue was stilted and felt unnatural. The plot had pacing issues and had scenes that really just made it feel like a generic anime.

      Someone at Monolith really liked Appleseed, but that doesn’t mean they had to try to make an anime style game. It’s certainly a very memorable game and a unique game, but I’m not going back to it any time soon.

      • Drew says:

        You may have your reasonable arguments, but we have the power of nostalgia on our side. Now kindly remove you’re self from existance.

        Seriously though, I loved Shogo in its own time, but I have to admit that the experience would most likely be different if my first playthrough was done today. Been meaning to replay it. I’ll have to work on it someday and I hope I can get the russian translated version for full autheticity.

  10. Armando Davalos says:

    Please no, I just finished last week’s podcast yesterday. You’re tearing me apart here.

  11. Martius says:

    I wonder how long you will be able to keep with pace like this. By the way, Gather Your Perspective will come back too?

    • Mark Ceb says:

      Perspective is a tough nut to crack. It’s not only hard to find issues we can fully discuss either side of but ALSO scheduling a time for those people to do it. We’re global so timezones get tricky, you know? Hopefully we can sort things.

  12. Martius says:

    About Sega buying Atlus, i just hope Sega would just use Atlus USA to localize their games and they would just help them with releasing games in Europe. We still dont have Shin Megami Tensei 4 here.

  13. Good says:

    Do you get more listener through Itunes? I Download and listen on itunes to try and get GYP on the itunes charts.

    • Kyle Johnson says:

      I don’t know any solid numbers for listeners beyond page hits for each release. Thanks for listening though!

  14. fish.heads says:

    Why is there no Mark. I want Mark.

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