Gentlemen Discussing Vidya 27 – Pokin' Dodds HD Remix

Gentlemen Discussing Vidya 27 – Pokin' Dodds HD Remix


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The gentlemen discuss Space Funeral, millions of dollars, Trespasser and Sonic the Hedgehog. Dodds was asleep during the recording, so Catsman pokes him a lot to get him to make a noise.

The next game book club game is Magical Doropie for the NES.

  1. Happyman says:

    cold open of the year

  2. fish.heads says:

    Note to listeners: Magical Doropie isn’t very good and I shouldn’t have suggested it (having only played five minutes of it beforehand). Don’t play it.

  3. serpen1 says:

    Danica Patrick is the one true Godess

  4. Sigma says:

    The original cut of this episode on itunes was kinda terrible, I’m glad to see it get some better editing.

    • Happyman says:

      that was me. i was very sick when editing it and it was already late so i just banged it together and threw it out. adobe audition not working anymore didn’t help either. i’ll edit it properly next time

  5. Ooparts says:

    Catsman saying “fuck everything” might need to be my new error sound.

  6. Doctor_Borous says:

    Ok, where can I find that outro remix?
    It’s stuck in my head now and it’s killing me not knowing.

  7. jamie kerr says:

    God dammit i wanted to hear what Happyman thought of the brony documentary

    • Video Games says:

      Man, that brony documentary.

      I wish people would stop making documentaries of things simply to validate/vilify stuff. That’s not the point of documentaries. Documentaries are made to INFORM, god damn it.

    • Happyman says:

      it’s fucking funny. take a drink when you see yellow teeth, a fedora, or an uncomfortable parent

      also they interview a lot of the voice actors and writers for the show but despite the doc being about the fanbase, all they talk about is how the show came about and what it’s like to work on it. they probably avoid the subject because they’re creeped the hell out by their fanbase

  8. catsman will bear my children says:

    I really liked that there was some talk about Trespasser today. This guy, ResearchIndicates, did a FUCKING EXCELLENT let’s play of Trespasser. It’s very informative and I would say better than playing the game itself. You guys should do a book club for his videos.

    • catsman will bear my children says:

      God dammit, I only just now heard someone mention the LP in the podcast. Ignore me.

  9. IceSickle says:

    Random thought of the now:

    Are any of you guys planning on reviewing MirrorMoon EP, I’d really like to hear some of your thoughts on it.

  10. MD122 says:

    Cats I hope you’re aware that DP (Danica Patrick for those who are not blessed) is mine, we wrestled for her and I won and now I own the Danicar. Capiche?

  11. jamie kerr says:

    There are great Dinosaur games! There is the Dino Crisis series! Our fanbase is probably the most forgotten which might be worse than being badly treated. Anyway what game or franchise do you guys think needs to be revived? It can include a game that was just a missed opportunity that would’ve done better with more work

  12. IGN says:

    is Gather Your Podcast ever coming back?

    • Happyman says:

      you gave god hand a 5.0 and imagine party babiez a 7.5 we don’t have to tell you anything

    • Kyle Johnson says:

      Yes, it will. We had a similar hiatus last summer as well, if you recall.

      • Mark Ceb says:

        Did we, Kyle? Did we?

        I’m asking honestly because time is a blur for me. California doesn’t have practical seasons. I can’t tell when Summer happens.

  13. Fishy Cunt says:

    I think you guys should stop talking about video games and dedicate this podcast entirely to 9/11 theories.

    Also Worst Game I’ve ever finished was Spec Ops the Line. The only part of the game that made me feel sick about killing people was the aweful gameplay.
    So that’d be this game OR Atlantis: The Lost Empire For the very first Gba game.

  14. :B says:

    Catsman you should to take back that shit you said about Carmak. He might have been involved in only few projects lately (because Id only release, like, one game per century), but he’s EXTREMELY technically knowledgeable, he’s been involved in VR a few times, he has in-depth understanding of the nuts-and-bolts of graphics engines, hardware and software, and he’s generally an all-around fucking clever guy. The guy sends rockets into space! He’s actually far more qualified to develop the Oculus Rift than the original devs, and he can give them a super wide knowledge base that many developers lack. Not releasing a billion games does not make him irrelevant to the project, you should really watch one of his QuakeCon lectures.

    • :B says:

      All of the qualities I mentioned before make him relevant, not to the games of the OR but to their technical aspects. I’m fairly certain they’re not bringing him in as a sound designer or 3D artist, but as a technical expert on graphics engines, code optimization, resolving latency in the hardware and peripherals and so on; so while his direct current-day relevance to the gaming industry is debatable, his relevance to the Oculus Rift isn’t, in my opinion. Would like to see that video when it’s ready, though.

      Also I wouldn’t fuck with someone who can do this:

  15. Pyroco says:

    The only way to fix the controls in Kid Icarus is to Git Gud

  16. Drew says:

    Some ‘news/topics’ for next podcast. Not even sure if it’s newsworthy so it’s not that you HAVE to discuss it or anything.

    Molyneyx dissing GTA5 sales. It’s on.

    From what I understand: 500k donated, backers are left hanging.
    “We never planned on our Kickstarter being successful”. Yeah.
    Your ads could be in this game.
    Interesting, but seems a bit pricy for a SC2 map. Slightly conflicted about this.
    I… what?
    50k for this beauty.

  17. Mortified says:

    If you guys ever have an opening in your videogame book club woud you consider playing a little old game called “Sky Odyssey” on the PS2. It’s kind of obscure (you’ve probably never heard of it) but it has probably my favourite sound track in all of videogaming to date.

    It’s an “action-adventure flight simulator” you have to travel accros a collection of 3 islands searching for peices of a lost map detailing the way to reach the illusive 4th island “Destin Island” and the “Tower of Maximus”. Graphically the game is subpar but it makes up for it in engaging gameplay.

    As for the soundtrack, the games composer was Kow Otani, who did the music for Shadow of the Collosus. It’s kind of long depending on your ability but well worth a play and bear in mind that a thumb stick is almost completely necessary for controls if you play it on an emulator if you do consider it for the book club.

    P.S. Kickstarter watch seems to have become quite sparse, where are my terrible half baked ideas Happyman?

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