Gentlemen Discussing Vidya 25 – Raccoons Did 9/11

Gentlemen Discussing Vidya 25 – Raccoons Did 9/11

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The gentlemen discuss Elevator Source, death row, T-Rexes, porn aliases, Fire Emblem, huge raccoon nuts, and Double Fine’s budgeting. Featuring an intro by Ryan Drees, voice of the greatest fictional hot dog man in the world.

The Book Club game for next episode is Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins! Please contribute with your thoughts on this badass game.

  1. Fallout says:

    Jesus Happy wasnt kidding about Tom being in the intro

  2. Aeiou says:

    Racoons did 9/11?

    Someone is misinformed!

    (it was microsoft)

  3. serpen1 says:

    What, you want LAN for a game like LEAGUE? How would they make sure you arent playing champions you havent payed for? Or worse yet, how could you equip runes that give you free advantages before you start the match?

  4. Eclipse says:

    9/11 joke? too soon

  5. Seanie says:

    Yo fuck you guys, Saints Row 3 is awesome! Its the only game where i can play what i was truly meant to be, a strong independant black women with super powers!

  6. Dushanan says:

    I really hate that I think of a bunch of good comments during these podcasts, but I don’t listen to them at my computer, so I forget all of them. Anyways…

    Fire Emblem Awakening is a good game, but isn’t a very good Fire Emblem game. The focus on pairing up and relationships isn’t very good, and is pretty badly balance (not that Fire Emblem has always been a balanced game…) I hope it isn’t a sign of future Fire Emblems.

    I think SMTIV will be #1, because I already know that’s it’s sold a bunch of copies in Japan, then Dynasty Warriors, then MGS. I think MGS should be last just because MGS HD exists, and I doubt that as many people will buy it again. And the fact that it’s only on one system hurts it too.

    And Animal Crossing has sold a shit ton too. I’ll comment other stuff once I finish the podcast.

    but Happyman. Gotta watch that Jaakko. Same goes for everyone else.

  7. -- says:

    I’m sure if you guys were to take the podcast back into 1998, you wouldn’t disappoint and still bitch about Half-Life being scripted bullshit, or how the newest Tim Schafer’s game got delayed. Or how a game about thievery has action-packed trailer, and the new Fallout just isn’t the same anymore.

    About 1h 9minutes in, the topic cuts from Rogue Legacy to Bioshock, not sure if it’s the magic of editing or a failed upload. Also Bioshock1 was NOT good before the ‘big’ reveal, and got worse afterwards.

    I’m kinda not in the mood to defend gamebryo games, but Jillbore (I think?), Mitch and Catsman are totally objectively wrong.

    Guilty pleasure didn’t turn out to be much of a discussion… Anyway, mine would be stupid completionism, which I am very self-aware of during boring games like Borderlands or Warframe, but can do nothing about.

    • Aeiou says:

      But if a game isn’t completely open world an unscripted how can you have any fun, structure is for nerds lmao!


    • Happyman says:

      there was a dude who came in late with a non-working mic, and would periodically activate his mic to try and talk and all that would come out was a deafening buzz. i had to cut those parts out, but us reacting to it led into bioshock chat (somehow) and i didn’t wanna cut the whole conversation about bioshock

      i don’t know if you can do this in mumble but we should try to lock the chatroom after the podcast starts

  8. Armando Davalos says:

    Yes Happyman, that is my real name. Please try to contain your orgasms.

    I have issue with your immediate dismissal of Cataclysm: DDA. While I’m not particularly fond of its kickstarter, it isn’t just another tired old zombie game. Think zombie roguelike with DF’s obsessive attention to detail in the weirdest places. Plus somewhat broken mechanics that allow for 50-ton cars that can accelerate up to 800km/h and plow through houses without a scratch and blow apart squirrels on impact. It’s definitely worth a look if you like obsessive roguelikes.

    As for guilty pleasures, I enjoy playing games that are casual as fuck alongside games that are hardcore as fuck. I’ve played as much HoI3 as I have TF2, for example. Video games are all very enjoyable.

  9. Dekudude says:

    As both an Australian and a raccoon I am deeply offended by this podcast

  10. Ahriman says:

    Wondering if next podcast you’ll be talking about EVO and all the upsets-Gen winning anything! A Hakan in the finals! Wong’s come back! And the boo’s for Killer Instinct !

    • Seanie says:

      Theres not very many people into fighting games in the podcast but we can bring up KI getting booed probably

  11. Playing Super Mario Land 2 reminded me of the times when I was 6 and I was watching my friend playing it but he would never let me try it! I hope that this little shitface is having a rough time right now..
    Tho It was nice the see the first appearance of one of the best video game character ever created! By looking into the gaze of Wario, you could almost feel the darkness of his past.

    Also I don’t know how, but you guys made me buy a copy of Your Doodles are Bugged…I didn’t even know it was an actual thing until I found it on Steam at -75%. This might possibly be the best investement of my entire life. Definitly my current guilty pleasure.

  12. Fallout Man says:

    Man one day I want to go so in depth with the flaws and sucessesbof fallout 3 one day…

    • Everdark says:

      I still enjoy New Vegas miles more than 3. For some reason, I never enjoyed the endless copypasted metros of FO3.

  13. Vic Sage says:

    speaking of crowdfunded games what does GLA think of Star Citizen?

  14. Yalyn V. says:

    I remember playing Super Mario Land 2 on my Gameboy Color when I was a kid. I should play it again since I never beaten the game. However you should watch the TAS video of it, so game breaking.

    My favorite music:

    My favorite stage was when I had the bubble ability and also going to the space stages.

    Either way, Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 still kicks so much ass.

  15. jamiekerr says:

    What question do you guys want answered the most?

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