Gentlemen Discussing E3 2013

Gentlemen Discussing E3 2013

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This week – Catsman, Evilagram, Funk, Happyman, Ibanez, Jambalya Bob, Mike, Mitch, Mooglepies, Sef and Yay discuss 2013′s disastrous E3, featuring the press conferences of Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, EA and Ubisoft. Plus, Moonwalker and the season finale of Vidya Top Picks!

0:00 – Intro
6:38 – Microsoft’s conference
53:31 – Nintendo’s conference
1:40:11 – Sony’s conference
2:24:00 – EA’s conference
2:43:45 – Ubisoft
2:54:54 – The Video Game Book Club – with Moonwalker
3:07:50 – Vidya Top Picks – Season Finale

  1. Dushanan says:

    @Happyman (and anyone else who hasn’t seen a Jaakko video)

  2. Armando Davalos says:

    Chris’ banta-handling skills are sub-par at best.

    Also someone’s mention of having to listen to Thriller nonstop somehow dug out the entire “Darkness falls across the land/the midnight hour is close at hand/deadly ghouls from every tomb/something something seal your doom” shtick from the back of my mind.
    I find it weird since I’ve never actually listened to that song, just everyone’s nonstop references and recitations of it. Bizarre.

  3. Cicero says:

    I am the only person who can appreciate smash as a fighter and as a party game? I feel it doesn’t have to be an either or sort of thing.

    • Dongs says:

      To me and my friends every game with local multiplayer is a party game, especially fighters.
      Like, we play Melty, GG, AH3, P4A and KOF as party games and everybody’s fine with that, I don’t get why calling smash a party game makes people mad.

    • Chris Wagar says:

      It is a game which I play at parties. Same as any other fighter. I’m just sick of this party label as if it can’t be anything but unserious.

  4. 252 says:

    that was pretty hilarious how that one guy raged so hard over people liking Batman’s combat.

  5. Awesome Podcast as always!

    You guys should reboot the podcast for real next time and act like it’s 1998 or something. (at least we’d get some good news)

    The GLA: Zero Podcast

  6. Gig says:

    If E3 wasn’t completely hilarious it would actually be really sad. I cringed so many times (holy fuck that Peggle 2 guy) I almost imploded. It’s also mostly glitter and lies, you’d expect companies would figure out by now that those who bother to watch it can see through the basketball poems and sexy giraffes; you won’t fool me twice!

    Please do your best to end every episode with a terrible harmony that blends into a 8-bit version of a Michael Jackson song.

    Also that Walking Dead remark could have used a spoiler… :( Game ruined.

  7. Hokuto No Gentlemen: Chris’ Rage

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