Video Game Despair: Underground

Video Game Despair: Underground

  1. Ass-man says:

    Love that flame shirt

  2. Polite Timesplitter says:

    I can’t shake the feeling that the dealer was ‘inspired’ by Sly Cooper.

  3. -- says:

    The guy excited about saving princesses is a pig. I see what you did there.

  4. Kyle Johnson says:

    4th panel: Too lewd.

  5. AdamTM says:

    Last panel too obvious making the punchline heavy handed.
    I would have stayed with panel 5 as the ending or changed the dialogue in panel six removing the “fems” line.

  6. Chris Wagar says:

    Hey, this one is pretty alright. Different angles in every shot, nice display of emotion, decent punchline with an original premise. 4/5.

  7. Aeiou says:

    Wow look at this sexism, did you even check your privilege?

  8. Somewanwan says:


  9. shakil says:

    you suck alejandro you dumb anti-feminist motherfucker!!!

  10. shakil says:

    you suck

  11. Anonymous says:

    Poor blushing pig just wants some cute princesses to save.
    Fems and their war on dudes won’t let him.
    Legalize it yo

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