Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag – Official Trailer

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag – Official Trailer

This year’s Assassin’s Creed IV title is a pirate themed affair.  You’ll be playing as (if you play it at all) “Captain Edward Kenway”.  If you’re not familiar with the series Edward is the grandfather of Native American Connor (the hero of the latest entry, Assassin’s Creed III).

In my weekly series Full Spectrum I plan to talk about why I don’t mind the yearly entries like Assassin’s Creed and CoD.  I’ll save what I have to say for Wednesday.  For now, watch the trailer.

Oh, Spoilers!  There’s no in-game footage here.  Just a cinematic.

  1. Aeiou says:

    Who gives a flying fuck anymore jesus.

    • Delio Pera says:

      A lot of people, actually. This is a video game website where we talk about all kinds of games, not just a certain few that a certain few people like.

      • bebopmiller says:

        And the same idiots who care about games like this are the very people who buy nicki minjaj music and regard transformers as one of there favorite moves; along with generic stoner flick # 43542.
        People who like this kind of crap shouldn’t be given oxygen.

        • Delio Pera says:

          I’m not sure how you come up with that conclusion, because it isn’t totally correct. I enjoy the AC series. Is it the best game I’ve ever played? No, but I do have fun with it. I don’t buy Nicki Minaj music or go see the Transformers movie. Considering that millions of people play the AC games I think it’s rather unfair to lump them all into one group and then claim you’re better than they are.

          • bebopmiller says:

            If they don’t want to be lumped into into it then they should re-frame from playing it. I work on percentage. The vast majority of people who like these games are the very people who like generic EVERYTHING, generic TV, generic music, generic food and generics games.

            The generic attracts the stupid because generic things are usually easy, and use very little mental power. I want more in my games as I do for everything in my life. I don’t like the fact that because someone wants easy my experience suffers. Devs would rather make games with no substance because it sells more; due to people lazy.

  2. Dysisa says:

    Oh boy another Assassins Creed that adds barely nothing to the last one and a story somehow even worse than in the last game. No idea of how these games still sell, it’s been going steadily downhill since the first one.

  3. Syncing says:

    I really really hate one thing about this trailer:
    They try to make the protagonist as mysterious as possible, and hell I do hate that. “Uhhh he so mysterious he can take out a whole ship crew on his own :O no fear, he so tough”.
    But then again, in my opinion Acreed never was a extremely good game. The idea is cool, but I prefer it more stealthy. Each to his own. I just don’t like this “forced badassery” of this trailer.

  4. Some Guy says:

    Oh, wow. Ubisoft even manages to make pirates look unexciting. What a boring CGI Trailer.

  5. Dragonbro says:

    I already like Edward over Connor. Also, naval battles!

  6. John says:

    Who is the retarded demographic that gets excited about these shitty boring trailers? Another protagonist who is essentially Neo. *Yawn*

  7. penisbutt says:

    golly, I can’t wait.

  8. AdamTM says:

    How did he shoot 4 guys with 2 flintlock pistols without reloading?

  9. I’ve never been able to care much about Assassin’s Creed from the moment I found out about the terrible Sci Fi frame story. The gameplay leaves much to be desired too. I got 1+2 and the spin off games super cheap on a Steam sale but get so terribly bored whenever I fire one of them up.

    Basically I miss Prince of Persia and am bitter that AC killed it.

  10. DirigibleQuixote says:

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: AC has officially become CoD for people who think they’re better than CoD.

    I mean, sure, the naval battles from AC3 were kind of cool, but is there not a single person at Ubisoft who remembers that we’re supposed to be playing assassins? Y’know, the guys who stab people and use stealth?

    I mean, you want to make a pirate game, make a pirate game, but Jesus.

  11. Martius says:

    I an waiting for AC with zombies or some other stuff which will got popular next.

    • Ninjas are next. Medieval Japan is ripe with potential Assassin’s Creed material. Unfortunately I doubt that Desmond’s inevitable Ninja-Assassin ancestor will be any more stealthy than the rest of them…

      • serpen1 says:

        From what I understand Connor and this guy weren’t even related to desmond. They really just stopped giving a shit about plot. Or interesting characters. Or gameplay. Or a reasonable release schedule.

      • Dysisa says:

        Sounds like newer Tenchu games. Man now I miss Tenchu.

  12. ToasterCommander says:

    I love Assassin’s Creed, but the yearly releases are getting out of hand. Ubisoft needs to step back and take a two year breather from the series. Figure out what works and what doesn’t, what needs improving and what can be added. Do something to make it fresh and interesting (and for the love of God, do some bug fixing!)

  13. Some guy says:

    “There’s no in-game footage here. Just a cinematic.”

    That’s okay, I like the cinematics more than the actual games anyway.

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