Gather Your Podcast 27

Gather Your Podcast 27

Gather Your Podcast

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This week Kyle, Mark, Marcus, and Mike discuss: PS4, IGN Layoffs, 1Up/Gamespy/UGO closing down, Witcher 3, and more.

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  1. Anon says:

    “They ran out of lives.”

    10/10, would rewind and listen to again

  2. Anon says:

    “Look at SNES and Genesis games, they were all running at 60 FPS”

    Kyle obviously wasn’t playing many SHMUPs or racing games.

    • Kyle Johnson says:

      Yeah, I can see SHMUPs getting out of hand, but racing games? All the ones I recall from that era seemed 60 fps. Then again, maybe that was Arcade versions I was thinking of…

      • Anon says:

        Go play F-Zero. Or hell, you can ever play something like Comix Zone which had lots of slowdown in the last level.

    • Marcus Puckett says:

      Actually yeah, now that you say that I remember that hardware slow down is something that is taken into consideration by the speed running community. One of the things I remember specifically is when you beat those block levels in Super Mario World, and they start flying out to the other levels. I remember there being a lot of slow down there.

  3. Dirk says:

    I enjoyed Kyle and Mike’s constant bickering and the grand fight for Markbot’s allegiance. It was very enjoyable to listen to.

    • Mark Ceb says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! I thought were being much to rowdy but I guess it wasn’t so bad. Haha

  4. jvempire says:

    i like it when the podcast derails into madness.

  5. bebopmiller says:

    FUCK!!! Why does the podcast keep cutting out, it even does it on itunes.

  6. DrX says:

    As a Pole, it was funny to hear you trying to say Konrad’s Tomaszkiewicz surname, and all your vague info about my region ;p If you need help with pronunciation I can help you via vocaroo or something.

  7. bebopmiller says:

    Oh and ps4 has no console.

  8. Martius says:

    Trying to read Konrad’s Tomaszkiewicz was funny but that russian accent? Learn how polish accent sound!

    • Michael Talley says:

      I’ve heard Polish spoken plenty of times but I’m terrible at keeping my accents consistent. Probably because you can go your whole life in the U.S. without having to learn jack shit about other cultures/languages.

  9. unwanted says:

    Is this where I send my relationship letters?

    • Marcus Puckett says:

      If you really, truly want relationship advice from us, then go right for it.*

      *Gather Your Party is not responsible for any break ups resulting from advice given by it’s contributors.

  10. Martius says:

    I just find it kinda annoying that most people think that russian and polish accents are same.
    But i suppose i dont even know how much USA have different accents.
    Anyway no offense, i remember some news saying that we have polar bears in Poland.

    • Michael Talley says:

      I knew I was going to get blowback for even trying. I’m very aware of the differences between a Polish and Russian accent but I am absolutely terrible at speaking with a different accent in general.

  11. Malakaira says:

    Great podcast as usual, guys quick question what was the theme that played at the start

  12. Cruz says:

    I’m actually not looking forward to Killzone 4 or the new inFamous games. Well not till there’s more information and gameplay on both. And from the conference, I wasn’t all too impressed with Killzone…a bit disappointed with all that blue flare.

    Good podcast though.

  13. AdamTM says:

    A few comments from me:

    1. The social functionality in games via social networking sites like facebook isn’t really comparable to Steam. Steam is a (mostly) dedicated platform for games and a community of hobby enthusiasts.

    Facebook and other SN services on the other hand are something else, they are not game-related nor are they intended for games. Sure, you can play games on facebook, but thats not its primary purpose.

    The problem with this is that a cross-breed of gaming related services with facebook isn’t improving anything as most people you have on facebook are completely not interested in your gaming shit.
    My employer doesn’t need to know about my sweet CoD killstreak and my sister will not want to watch any of my LPs.

    Steam is a great social network -for gamers- and the PS4 ecosystem might become the same, unless the service starts invading non-gaming related spaces. From the presentation I had the impression that the PS4 wants to build an ecosystem for gamers with features dedicated to games.

    I just felt in your discussion the comparison to facebook was not apt.

    2. Watch Dogs ran on a PC, period.
    I’m not sure what the argument of “on a PC dev-kit with specs close to the PS4” was supposed to mean, since a “dev-kit” is the -actual- hardware.

    Hence a “PC dev-kit” makes no sense if talking about the PS4, a dev-kit when talking about consoles is the actual hardware of the console intended for testing and debugging, it is not to be confused with a SOFTWARE Development Kit (SDK).

    You made it sound like there was a hardware dev-kit that was a PC.
    It was running from a PC, which is still needs to run PC code, unless you want to claim that the PC was -emulating- PS4 hardware, which would be silly.

    If they would have been running it from a hardware dev-kit, they wouldn’t have been beating around the bush about it, since thats essentially the PS4 console anyways. They would have said that it ran from a PS4, not that it ran from a PC.

    What we saw is most likely the PC build.

  14. Zolwiol says:

    Just a correction about CD Projekt twitter thing. It was not their twitter. They have official twitter for each of their game franchises but the company twitter is only in Polish.

  15. I'm on your side says:

    ”Even tho I don’t like Little Big Planet”, MarkBot really stays tru to his name being MarkBot.
    But really why don’t you like LPB? It’s such a great game. Why? ;_________________;

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